Socially Acceptable? Social Media Can Get You Hired, Or Fired!

Last Updated on May 21, 2021 by G. T. HR

Social Media Screening is Becoming a Tool in Job Hiring Success

Have you ever posted something on social media and then later regretted it? Most of the time, you can go back to delete it before anyone notices. Not everyone, however, is so lucky. Regardless of how many followers you have on social media, one wrong post and you could lose your job or be passed over for a new job.

Many people from public-facing institutions and businesses have been sanctioned, demoted, suspended, or fired for inappropriate or concerning activity online in recent days.

Personal and Professional Social Media Lines Become Blurred in Hiring and Screening

One of the most important tools in terms of career search especially for college graduates is social media screening. In order to expand their job search, graduates turn to postings from companies and set up notifications to instantly find career opportunities and openings. Social media profiles and postings also allow a candidate to look closely into a potential employer.

In the same manner, several social media sites now enable companies and employers to conduct background checks on their applicants’ profiles. An applicant’s credentials and job interview results just don’t cut it anymore. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts, for example, have become a revolutionary tool. They change the way companies view and ultimately choose their employees.

Social media posts allow employers to filter candidates based on the content of their online profiles. These profiles often display the character of the candidate. Companies take an applicant’s conduct on social media seriously; showing behavior that is a concern can make or break their hiring potential.

 Can You Really Get Fired Due to Social Media Activity?

 According to career site The Muse, “Yes, even a Snapchat or Instagram post that seems innocuous could be grounds for your dismissal.”Employees can be fired for a wide variety of social media content situations. These may include, for example, posting trade secrets or customer lists online. This may be in violation of a confidentiality agreement and make the employee subject to termination. 

Posting photos or hate-speech that reflects poorly on the employee may also be grounds for dismissal. If a company believes that an employee is poorly representing the company with lude, drunken or otherwise inappropriate pictures or content, an employer may choose to sever the relationship with the employee rather than risk tainting the business’ reputation. 

Social Media Screening is a Must for the Future

Get ahead of damaging hiring mistakes by screening during the hiring process. It pays to use a compliant social media screening company to check the quality of your candidate. Legally compliant reports are insightful and concise and conform to federal and state laws including FCRA and social media privacy laws. A company such as MyHRScreens® meets these legal requirements to mitigate adverse action.

Taking a closer look at the social media profiles of your candidate can help you discover if the information they post on their wall works for your brand in these ways:

  1.  Protects your brand. No company wants to hire someone that doesn’t reflect their core values and by their individual actions tarnish the company’s brand.
  2.  Protects your employees. Workplace safety is no longer just in the domain of your corporate security team.  Human Resources should take responsibility to ensure the employees they are hiring do not represent a threat to other employees.
  3.  Reduces turnover costs. Studies have shown that the average cost of hiring a toxic employee and then having to replace that employee is over $12,800. When factoring in lost productivity by the team, this cost can soar.


Did you know that between 70 and 90% of all employers in the United States incorporate some form of social media screening before they hire a candidate?

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