Affordable Care Act document for compliance purposes.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires business with 50 or more full time equivalents to offer 95% of their employees that meet certain requirements minimum value insurance and must report this information on Forms 1094 and 1095 to the Internal Revenue Service each year. Failure to do properly offer so can lead to significant fines and penalties.

ACACompli™ is a comprehensive Affordable Care Act compliance and administration service for companies of all sizes.

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What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as the Obamacare, is a complicated health care law that was passed in 2010. ACA compliance services offered by MyHRConcierge can help you meet employer requirements included in the law regarding health care coverage and reporting. The US Treasury and IRS have issued many requirements and regulations since the law’s passing.

About ACA Compliance

Small and mid-sized employers are in a tough spot. They don’t typically have experts, tools, time, or budget to meet the new IRS requirements for the Affordable Care Act on their own. Yet, penalties for not complying with the law could sink their business. Companies with variable wage and seasonal employees are particularly vulnerable.

Failure to properly offer insurance as required under the ACA can lead to penalties over $2,500 per full time employee. Failure to provide 1095 Forms to employees can lead to penalties of up to $540 per form.

To accurately file the required forms, businesses face the time-consuming tasks that include running complex monthly calculations using detailed benefits and human resources information.

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ACACompli: Affordable Care Act Compliance Services from MyHRConcierge

ACACompli, our comprehensive ACA Compliance service, addresses all of your 1094B/1095B and 1094C/1095C reporting needs with the following:

FeaturesE-file onlyForms Coding
+ E-file
Simply Compli
(Tracking, Forms Coding,
Calc + E-File)

$2.49 per form
Base Fee $85.00

$7.49 per form
Base Fee $85.00

Call for pricing
Simple one-click print and mail$3.49 per form (optional) $3.49 per form (optional)
Customer oriented support
Direct E-file with IRS and State
Quickly download 1094/1095 forms
Editable forms after creation
Corrections to IRS
Easy step-by-step information collection
Covers fully insured & self insured plans
Autocalculate line 14 and 16 codes
Covers banded plans
Covers COBRA & retiree forms
Calculate & track variable hour eligibility
Calculate potential penalty exposure
ACA Helpline

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ACACompli Service Features

SimplyCompli Online Tool

Our online tool, SimplyCompli, is a powerful resource that makes it easy to automate time consuming tasks. MyHRC gets your team up and running quickly with employee training and system setup. SimplyCompli includes:


  • 6055/6056 Support
  • Employee status breakdown
  • Potential penalty exposure
  • Document repository

Workforce Tracking

  • Multiple look-back periods
  • Future ALE status
  • Employee FT status
  • Interactive dashboard

Data Management

  • Single template for data entry
  • Complex calculations
  • Automatic data validation
  • Data and results archival
  • Easy offline data entry
  • Compliance document storage

ACACompli Hotline

A real ACA compliance expert is just a phone call, email, or chat away with the ACACompli Hotline. Don’t waste any more valuable time wading through legal documents trying to find out what rules and regulations mean and if they apply to your business.

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MyHRC has a customer-focused approach to serving our clients. We aren’t just human resources experts — we are small business owners. As a result, we understand the demands of ACA and other HR compliance regulations.

Our compliance services are objective and focused on helping you. We offer:

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