Partners FAQ

Partners FAQ

Answers for frequently asked questions about partnerships with MyHRConcierge.

What is the difference between MyHRConcierge and other HR Companies?

Here’s what a MyHRConcierge partner has to say about why we’re different.

“Whether MyHRC is working with one of our sales reps in California or our president, they make it super easy to do business. They also go above and beyond to make sure all sides of the partnership are whole. For example, they are adept at crafting HR services that work for our bottom line and for our clients’. When they present new service ideas, they also suggest the processes to support our SMB clients and sales force.”

MyHRConcierge Partner

MyHRConcierge is different because enables its Partners to deliver a one-two punch to support SMBs:

  1. Our Partners’ HCM, Payroll and Workforce Managements systems automate complex HR processes.
  2. With MyHRC services, Partners provide enhanced support to business owners and their front-line managers who are responsible for the people side of labor compliance.

For Our Partners’ Clients

HR is about people. That’s why delivering personal service to our partners and clients is the heart and soul of our business.

“Here’s another way the MyHRC partnership delivers value. Having the right customer service model and platforms in place is important for delivering value to our clients. MyHRC enables us to take our customer support and payroll services to the next level.”

MyHRConcierge Partner

Many HR services are built around systems the client uses to research labor compliance rules for themselves. Then, it’s on the Client to figure out how to apply that information. Most SMB Clients don’t have the time or resources for this.

Here’s how the MyHRConcierge approach is different. The employer’s specific situation and needs drive how we deliver the service. We use systems to make things easier on SMBs instead of adding to their workload.

How long has MyHRConcierge been in business?

MyHRConcierge has been serving partners and their SMB Clients since 2009.

What types of service does MyHRConcierge offer?

We make it easy and affordable for our partners to deliver profitable HR services their SMB Clients value. The MyHRConcierge Partnership Program is buildable and allows for choices in revenue model, services, and marketing support.

How can MyHRConcierge bundled HR offerings help their Partners grow revenues and profits?

Many of our partners are looking for ways to increase profitable revenues and keep customers. A great way to increase revenues is to provide low cost/high value services to clients embedded within existing services. Clients like getting something extra, especially when it helps them solve HR headaches.

MyHRC Partners have increased related payroll revenue 5% with this type of bundle alone!

How can MyHRConcierge help us deliver an “ASO” type service to our Clients?

One of our partners says it best:

“Offering affordable ASO services is an important part of our strategy. SMB clients need an outsourced HR service that combines technology and people. There are many SaaS providers that do HRIS for SMBs, but they often lack the people-based framework to support employers and workers. HRCompli+admin from MyHRConcierge is the ASO we’ve selected. It gives us a way to deliver HR services our clients value. And, effectively compete with ADP, Paychex and PEOs.”

MyHRConcierge Partner

ADP, Paychex and others have expanded beyond payroll into benefits. HRCompli enables MyHRConcierge Partners to combat the squeeze on their business by encroaching competitors. They simply package their benefits admin services with HRCompli to offer a strong ASO type service. If the Partner needs benefits admin, we can supply this service too with HRCompli +admin.

Can MyHRConcierge serve clients with workers in multiple locations across the United States?

Yes, one of MyHRConcierge strengths is providing state and federal labor compliance services to companies with multiple locations across the United States. We have extensive experience in states like California and New York with numerous and complex labor compliance regulations.

In terms of employee size, what types of companies does MyHRConcierge serve?

MyHRConcierge specializes in working with Partners who serve small-medium businesses (SMBs) with 5 employees to over 1,200 employees. We currently serve SMBs that represent over 200,000 employees.

What types of industry expertise does MyHRConcierge bring to the table?

We serve business owners in a variety of industries including grocery, restaurants, hospitality, professional services, staffing and more.

MyHRConcierge’s co-founder Chris Cooley pens “HR & Benefits News” for The Shelby Report, a national publication read by grocers and food supply chain members.

How can adding MyHRConcierge services to our client offerings deliver value for our business?

We’ve designed MyHRConcierge Partner Program to help you Combat the Squeeze on Your Business in 3 ways:

  1. Build profitable revenue streams
  2. Keep your SMB customers
  3. Tackle competitive threats

Here’s what a MyHRC Partner has to say:

“Many partners are good subject matter experts. MyHRC is unique because they also take the time to understand how their HR subject matter expertise fits in with [our] business model and client base.”

MyHRConcierge Partner
How is the typical MyHRConcierge partnership structured?

Typically, MyHRConcierge provides its services to the partner at a wholesale price. Then, the partner sets the prices and sells the services directly to its clients. This approach enables the partner to control their margins. It also makes it easy on your Client with a single invoice rather than processing multiple invoices.

What type of marketing and sales support does MyHRConcierge deliver for its Partners?

Helping our partners educate their sales team and SMB clients about HR compliance is part of MyHRC’s value proposition. From launch to ongoing support, we’re there to help you achieve success with MyHRConcierge services. For example, we often work with the sales, marketing and operations teams to plan a successful launch or pilot program. We understand enabling sales means more than product fliers. We offer customer-focused co-branded collateral, sales training, coaching, educational webinars and more. We’ve been known to do joint sales conference calls, too.

Here’s what one partner has to say:

“When they present new service ideas, they also suggest the processes to support our SMB* clients and sales force.”

MyHRConcierge Partner

Do you have a question that we didn’t cover in this FAQ? We’ll be happy to answer it — contact us by phone, email, or chat.