Partnership Structure

Partnership Structure

Are you an employer benefits broker or payroll provider? Consider partnering with MyHRConcierge to enhance your service offerings to your clients, save money, and create additional revenue. Compare the Referral and Resale programs below to choose your services, marketing support, and revenue model.

Partner Service Options

Service OptionsReferral ProgramResale Program

Embedded Services
MyHRConcierge offers low cost services that can be included as value adds within your current service package.

Examples include:
HR Packages
  • Defined packages that offer HR services to meet the needs of any client
  • Provide subscription-based services and ongoing revenue
Marketplace Services
Individual services that meet the needs of clients that do not need full HR solutions.

Examples include:
  • employee handbooks
  • unemployment claims administration
Employee Screening
  • MyHRConcierge’s partner, MyHRScreens, offers a wide variety of employee background and drug testing solutions.
  • Screening platform utilizes an open API that provides for easy integration into most systems.
Flexible Service Options
Ability to customize and tailor services to meet your needs and the needs of your client.
A Human Touch
While many HR companies are described as “sterile,” we provide an engaging service that provides a human touch for your clients

Partner Marketing Support

Marketing SupportReferral ProgramResale Program
Marketing Materials
  • Co-branded marketing materials
Sales Team Support
  • Provide training sessions on services to sales team
  • Participate in client demos, sales with the sales reps
  • Topical webinars to support trending topics and HR knowledge

Partner Revenue Models

Multiple Revenue ModelsReferral ProgramResale Program
Referral Program
  • Increase profits by referring human resource and employee screening services to your clients
  • MyHRC will engage your referrals and work with you to close the sale
  • Once closed, MyHRC will provide the service and invoice he client each month
  • You will receive quarterly revenue checks for your referred clients
Resale Program
  • Increase revenues and profits by adding additional HR and employee screening services
  • Receive a special wholesale rate for the services
  • Provides you the flexibility to set the client pricing (and therefore your margins)
    for the service
  • Enables you to invoice the client for the service on your normal billing to the client

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