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Access to ShareHR

MyHRConcierge’s HR community. This is a private access forum where you can communicate with other HR professionals and MyHRC staff about all things HR.

3 Free Multijurisdictional Criminal Background Checks per month

3 Free Multijurisdictional Criminal Background Checks per month.
We also have a wide variety of additional checks that can be run for an additional fee.

Access to HRConsultant
(up to 5 cases per month)

Provides access to HR consultants to assist you with your specific HR issues.


Used to assess current risks in your HR processes and develop a strategy to address those risks.

Unlimited Access to Dedicated HR Expert Benefits
  1. Assist the company with HR issues
  2. Review current employee handbook for state and federal compliance
  3. Evaluate job descriptions
Anonymous HR Tipline

Allows employees to report harassment, theft, fraud. Great tool to reduce the company’s risk and find culture issues in a more timely fashion.

Access to Online 24/7 HR Library

Offers comprehensive HR guidance written by attorneys on topics including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, terminations and benefits. Also includes interactive HR apps, tools and forms.

Labor Law Poster Compliance Program

Provides you a customized workplace poster with the state and federal laws you need to display in order to remain compliant with labor laws. If there are any mandatory changes to the labor poster, you will automatically be shipped a new poster free of charge.

COBRA Administration Service

This service takes on the responsibility of sending out the appropriate notices, enrolling qualified beneficiaries in COBRA, collecting premiums and terminating their COBRA when required.

Unemployment Claim Administration

This service will defend unemployment claims that are deemed invalid. We will return the required paperwork to the jurisdiction and fight on your behalf in unemployment hearings and appeals.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration

MyHRConcierge will ensure the proper FMLA notifications are sent to the employee and also work with the management team to ensure they are handled appropriately.

Wage and Employee Verifactions Service

This service will alleviate the burden of performing wage and employee verifications from your staff by returning the required documents on your behalf.