Client FAQ

Client FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from SMB Clients about MyHRConcierge

What is the difference between MyHRConcierge and other HR companies?

HR is about people. That’s why delivering personal service to our clients is the heart and soul of our business.

“We chose MyHRConcierge because of their knowledge, experience, cost efficient solutions and tangible availability – they are there for us on a personal level even more than I dreamed or planned.”

MyHRConcierge Client

Many HR services are built around systems the client uses to research labor compliance rules for themselves. Then, it’s on the Client to figure out how to apply that information. Most SMB Clients don’t have the time or resources for this.

Here’s how the MyHRConcierge approach is different. The employer’s specific situation and needs drive how we deliver the service. We use systems to make things easier on SMBs instead of adding to their workload.

How long has MyHRConcierge been in business?

MyHRConcierge has been serving SMB Clients for more than a decade since 2009.

What types of service does MyHRConcierge offer?

MyHRConcierge provides a wide variety of effective and affordable Human Resource services. We can assist you in many ways:

  • Embedded Services
  • HR Compliance Packages
  • Marketing Support
What is the difference between HRCompli and HRCompli+admin?


The HRCompli service is geared toward companies that need an HR resource to supplement existing HR resources. HRCompli focuses on making sure policies, procedures, postings, etc. are compliant with state and federal laws. We also provide unlimited access to a personal HR Consultant to answer any questions you have regarding situational issues, terminations, unemployment and a whole host of other topics.

HRCompli + admin

HRCompli + admin provides all of the services included in the HRCompli service, but we also add administration services. HRCompli + admin is primarily geared to those companies that do not have a resource to perform the internal administration required by Human Resources or would like to utilize them in another capacity. The administration services include employee onboarding, benefit administration, unemployment claims management, and other administrative tasks.

What is the typical size of a MyHRConcierge client?

MyHRConcierge provides services to thousands of clients throughout the United States. These clients range from 5 employees to over 1,500 employees. Therefore, regardless of your size MyHRConcierge can assist you with effective and efficient Human Resource services.

Can MyHRConcierge serve clients with workers in multiple locations across the United States?

Yes, one of MyHRConcierge strengths is providing state and federal labor compliance services to companies with multiple locations across the United States. We have extensive experience in states like California and New York with numerous and complex labor compliance regulations.

What types of industry expertise does MyHRConcierge bring to the table?

MyHRConcierge provides services to clients in all types of industries. Some of the more prevalent industries we services are grocery, restaurants, hospitality, professional services, and staffing. MyHRConcierge’s co-founder Chris Cooley pens “HR & Benefits News” for The Shelby Report, a national publication read by grocers and food supply chain members.

How do I sign up for MyHRConcierge services?

To sign up for Employee Screenings, Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, HRCompli E-Learn and MyTeam Tip Line services, simply visit the Order page and select the services you would like.

To sign up for HR Management services, contact us at (855) 538-6947 or We will discuss your needs and assist you with selecting the appropriate services for your needs. We will then provide the necessary paperwork to sign up for the services.

Do you have a question that we didn’t cover in this FAQ? We’ll be happy to answer it — contact us by phone, email, or chat.