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Industries MyHRConcierge Serves

MyHRConcierge helps businesses across a variety of industries address HR challenges specific to their workforce, business model, and objectives.


MyHRC supports Independent Grocers with cost-effective workforce management solutions that ease HR challenges. We provide HR consultations during situational issues and supplemental HR administration services in order to reduce HR burdens.


The manufacturing industry continues to evolve at a particularly rapid pace, and workforce management must be efficient and effective to keep up with changes in technology.

MyHRC provides a solution that increases efficiencies as related to administrative tasks such as onboarding employees, while also providing HR consulting to reduce risks.


Recruiting, training and retaining employees remains one of the top HR challenges in the high-turnover retail industry.

MyHRConcierge provides management support to promote teamwork, and avenues for employee communication that enhance the work environment and business culture.


Staffing agencies face unique challenges that require special HR administrative tasks, such as keeping track of employee status and benefits as they start, stop and re-start.

MyHRC comprehensive employee screening is also especially beneficial for helping staffing firms hire the best candidates.


The restaurant industry is fast-paced and requires managers and supervisors to be readily available to provide first-rate service to their clientele.

MyHRC’s services empower foodservice management to help with employee issues and concentrate their energy on their customers.


The hospitality industry has unique challenges related to managing employees and reducing turnover. MyHRC helps hotels develop workforce policies and procedures that help build positive corporate culture.

Our services also boost employee morale, which protects the reputation of hospitality establishments.

Professional Service Firms

Businesses that specialize in professional services, such as accountants, attorneys, and financial planners, benefit from the combination of business and HR expertise offered by MyHRC consultants.

Our team can offer real HR solutions that fit your team, and handle HR administration tasks including onboarding and offboarding employees, benefits enrollment and administration, and ACA and COBRA compliance.

And Many More

If you are looking for an HR Solution to fit your specific industry, contact MyHRConcierge to find out how we can serve your business.