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  • HRBasic

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    Designed for companies with 10 or less employees, HRBasic provides you with the affordable HR resources you need to address HR issues and mitigate your workforce management risk for as little as $45 per month. With HRBasic, you’ll gain a foundation of protection for your small to medium sized business. HRBasic can protect you from costly HR nightmares and help you maintain compliance while supporting your needs during challenging times with your workforce.

    With HRBasic, you receive the following services:

    • Unlimited Access to HR Consultants
    • 3 free background checks per month
    • Federal and State Handbook template that is compliant in your state
    • HR Compliance Audit
    • Share HR access


  • Juvo Jobs Employment Network

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    Juvo Jobs allows employers to search for hourly workers geographically. Be certain that the resumes you’re seeing are from applicants in your area. Contact us for more information and pricing on the service.

  • HRHealthCheck™

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    Do you “Know What You Don’t Know?” Have one of our HR experts review your HRHealthCheck with you to  identify your compliance risks and how to mitigate them.

    HRHealthCheck™ Services Include:

    • Employee separation
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Employee relations
    • Discrimination
    • Hiring practices
    • I-9 compliance
    • Wage and hour
    • Required labor postings
  • Employee Handbook Monitoring Program

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    Utilize our handbook monitoring program to take the worry out of compliance risk.  Automatic reviews and updates keep you safe from risk by maintaining compliance in all 50 states.

    Employee Handbook Monitoring:

    • An Employee Handbook Creation or Review begins the monitoring process to ensure the handbook is up-to-date
    • Each month we will review the federal and states you are in to determine if an update should be made to your handbook
    • If an update is required, we will provide the update for the relevant jurisdiction
  • Employee Handbook Review

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    Make sure your employee handbook is up to date! MyHRConcierge will review your existing handbook for compliance with Federal and State regulations. We will note any concerns about your existing handbook and suggest changes you can make to reduce your compliance risk.

    Employee Handbook Review Services Include:

    • A MyHRConcierge expert review your current employee handbook and note any HR concerns.
    • We will provide a red-lined version of the handbook (assuming we receive it in a WORD document) outlining suggested changes to existing policies, as well as suggested new policies.
    • MyHRConcierge will review and explain suggested changes and new policies with you personally.
    • MyHRConcierge will provide you a final version of he handbook in WORD.
  • Employee Handbook Creation

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    MyHRConcierge creates up-to-date, customized employee handbooks that are designed for your business needs and compliant with Federal law, as well as all 50 states.

    Employee Handbook Creation Services Include:

    • Consultation with us regarding desired policies, handbook concerns, etc.
    • Preparation of employee handbook based on consultation.
    • Provide a copy of the first draft of handbook, and a review with an HR Consultant.
    • Any changes from the review are incorporated, and a final copy is provided to the client.
    • Final master copy of handbook is provided in a Microsoft Word document.
    • Pricing includes Compliance with Federal and 1 state. Each additional state is $150.
  • COBRACompli COBRA Compliance & Administration Service

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    With COBRACompli, we handle the administration details of COBRA to reduce your burden. Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation. See “More Details” for pricing. Contact Us for more information and to enroll. 


    COBRACompli Services Include:

    • Pricing is $50 per month for up to 50 medical plan participants + $.80 per participant over 50 participants.
    • Convenient, secure online access
    • Send required notices
    • Perform Enrollments/Terms with carrier for COBRA participant
    • Collect/track COBRA premium payments on your behalf
    • Monitoring of changes in COBRA regulations
    • Rapid system updates to address COBRA legislative changes
    • Reports on all COBRA activity

    * Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation.

  • COVID-19 Support Package

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    Our COVID-19 Support Plan gives you expert workplace and human resources guidance during the coronavirus pandemic. See “More Details” for pricing.

    COVID-19 Support Package Includes:

    • Pricing is $45 per month with a $25 implementation fee due upon signup.
    • HR consultant helpline
    • COVID-19 policy updates
    • HRHealthCheck Compliance audit
    • Access to our COVID-19 forum
  • ACACompli

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    ACACompli is a comprehensive Affordable Care Act compliance and administration service. Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation. See “More Details” for pricing.

    ACACompli Services Include:

    • Pricing is based upon number of employees, contact us for details.
    • ACA helpline included
    • Tracks Variable Hour employees to ensure you know when to offer insurance
    • Prepares 1095/1094 Forms at Year End
    • Performs E-File with IRS and States (where required), additional fee per form
    • Simple one-click print and mail option for 1095 forms, additional fee per form
    • Allows editing of 1095/1094 forms after creation
    • Direct link to IRS to submit any corrections
    • Covers fully insured & self insured plans
    • Autocalculates lines 14, 15 and 16 codes
    • Covers banded plans
    • Covers COBRA & retiree forms
    • Calculate potential penalty exposure

    * Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation.

  • Labor Law Poster + Compliance Plan

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    English and Spanish Labor Law Posters that stay up to date with the Labor Law Poster + Compliance Plan. 

    Labor Law Poster + Compliance Plan Includes:

    • A new laminated complete state and federal labor law poster shipped to you immediately
    • FREE replacement posters shipped to you automatically for mandatory revisions to state or federal labor laws
    • A 100% unlimited compliance guarantee
    • Your choice of English or Spanish
    • Shipping and Handling $11.95 per mailing address
  • Complete Labor Law Posters

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    All businesses in the United States are required to display state and federal labor law posters in your workplace. Meeting these requirements will help you mitigate your risk of significant fines and penalties.

    Complete Labor Law Posters Include:

    • Available for workplaces of all sizes – single locations to large, multiple location corporations
    • Available for all 50 states
    • Available in English and Spanish
    • Designed to meet your location’s compliance requirements
    • Shipping and Handling $11.95 per mailing address
  • MyTeam Tip Line™

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    Make sure you know you know what is happening in your locations by providing workers a way to anonymously voice their concerns about harassment, bullying, and fraud in the workplace to an objective third party with MyTeam Tip Line™ from MyHRConcierge. See “More Details” for pricing.

    MyTeam Tip Line™ Services Include:

    • Pricing is $.45 per employee per month, plus $25 implementation fee. The minimum cost is $35 per month.
    • A professional, discreet phone service available 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Based in the United States
    • Complete and accurate reporting:
      • Case numbers are assigned to each reported concern
      • All info is accurately documented and shared with the designated team
  • myHIRE Human Resource Information System

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    myHIRE is an integrated online system that provides applicant tracking, employee onboarding, and benefits administration services. Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation. See “More Details” for pricing.

    Easy and Efficient Applicant Tracking, Onboarding and Benefits Administration:

    • Pricing is subscription based and determined based up on the number of employees
    • Manage the recruiting process through our easy to use dashboard
    • User-friendly job creation and application process
    • Automatically posts jobs to many job boards
    • Online employee onboarding that allows onboarding paperwork to be filled out online 
    • Enroll in employee benefits online
    • Includes Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) administration to save you money
    • Formatted for computer, mobile, and tablets

    *Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation.

  • Unemployment Claims Administration

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    MyHRConcierge helps small and medium-sized businesses alleviate the burden of administering their state unemployment claims by contesting unemployment insurance claims and serving as hearing & appeal representatives. Contesting these claims also decreases costs associated with State Unemployment Insurance. Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation.See “More Details” for pricing.

    • Pricing is a monthly subscription based upon the number of employees. Contact us for more information.
    • Quickly share the right documents with MyHRConcierge
      • Simply log in and upload documents to your account
    • Rely on a MyHRConcierge professional experienced in contesting questionable unemployment claims to:
      • Review the claim and supporting documents you’ve provided
      • Fill out the documents using words and phrases that give you the best chance of winning
      • Submit the documents to the right state authority within the state’s designated timeframe
    • Easily obtain supporting documents from MyHRConcierge

    * Upon submission, you will be required to schedule a consultation.

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