Employee Handbook Creation
Pen resting on top of an employee handbook during the employee handbook creation process.

Employee Handbook Creation

Professional, Customized Handbooks for Your Employees

Having a compliant employee handbook is vital in communicating to your employees what they can expect from the Company and what the Company expects from them. It is also vital that your Employee Handbook is compliant with federal and state regulations. You can be confident that your employee handbook is compliant by having it prepared by the experts at MyHRConcierge.

To provide the best possible product, we believe it is important for our HR Experts to understand your company and policies. Therefore, as part of the Employee Handbook Review process we will include an HRHealthCheck to provide the best solution possible.

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How We Create Your Employee Handbook

  • MyHRConcierge initiates the HRHealthCheck to obtain a thorough understanding of your company.
  • We gather information about your company that determines which federal, state and municipal policies you must comply.
  • We work with you to obtain any current policies that you may have.
  • Based on your current policies, we provide a draft of our suggested handbook.
  • Your MyHRConcierge consultant will review the draft with you personally.
  • MyHRConcierge will provide you with a formatted, updated final version of your handbook.

How an Updated Handbook Can Protect Your Business

  • Mitigates exposure to employment-related lawsuits.
  • Provides an easy reference guide so employees understand the benefits you provide.
  • Creates a professional image to your employees that differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Creates confidence within the workplace that your employees know what is expected of them.

Pricing Details

Please contact us at 855-538-6947 ext 108 or sales@myhrconcierge.com obtain pricing for the monitoring program.