Employee Handbook Monitoring Program
Employee handbook on a desk with a pen resting on top of it during employee handbook monitoring.

Employee Handbook Monitoring Program

Ensure Your Handbook is Up-to-Date to Reduce Your Risk

As remote workers are becoming more common, it is important to make sure you are staying compliant with the ever-changing regulations in each state. Utilize our handbook monitoring program to take the worry out of compliance risk and make sure you are staying compliant in each state.

To provide the best possible product, we believe it is important to understand your company and policies. Therefore, as part of the Employee Handbook Review process we will include an HRHealthCheck to provide the best solution possible.

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Why You Need Handbook Monitoring

  • MyHRConcierge professionals perform ongoing research. It is our job to keep up with the ever-changing state and federal laws to ensure you have up-to-date policies. We review each month for federal and state law changes.
  • Semi-Annual Handbook Update. We will automatically review your handbook for needed handbook policies, make any needed policy updates and provide you the updated handbook every six months.

How an Updated Employee Handbook Can Protect your Business

  • Mitigation of exposure due to employment-related lawsuits.
  • Provides an easy reference guide so employees understand the benefits you provide.
  • Creates a professional image to your employees that differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Creates confidence within the workplace that your employees know what is expected of them.

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