Outsource HR Management and Government Compliance

Does your business need a personalized, and affordable way to manage your human resources tasks or supplement your current HR team? Whether you have 5 or over 5,000 employees, MyHRConcierge provides flexible solutions that fit your needs.

Compare HR Compliance Service Features

Read about the features offered by HRCompli+admin, HRCompli, and HRBasic, and choose the option that fits your business.

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Free Multijurisdictional Background Checks

With a subscription to HRCompli and HRCompli+admin, you'll enjoy five multijurisdictional criminal background checks each month, and three with HRBasic. These background checks are made by searching databases consisting of court and prison records, warrants, registries, and more. We also have a wide variety of additional checks, such as drug screenings, resume verifications, credit checks, and motor vehicle records, that can be run for an additional fee.

HR Auditing and Recommendations

Do you know where your risks are? HRHealthCheck™ is a comprehensive human resources policy compliance review service that provides business owners with a clear understanding of their compliance status. Our team of experts can:

- Review your existing HR policies
- Identify inconsistencies
- Provide customized solutions to ensure compliance moving forward

Unlimited Access to a SHRM-Certified HR Expert

Our personable HR consultants provide you with the help you need when you need it. Have a messy employee situation? We are there for you. Have a question about a federal or state regulation? We are there for you. Our HR consultants will outline the issue in an easily understandable way so you can make an informed decision. MyHRC's HR experts provide the personal touch you need in high-stress situations.

Employee Handbook Template

Receive a new handbook template designed to meet federal regulations and the regulations of your state. Make sure you have the policies you need in place to stay compliant.

Employee Handbook Services

Employee handbooks are an important part of mitigating your risk and communicating with your employees. Whether you have a current handbook or need one built for you, one of the first items MyHRC will complete is ensuring that you have a compliant employee handbook.

Employee Handbook Updates

Make sure your employee handbook stays up to date with the ever-changing state and federal regulations. MyHRC will perform an annual review of your employee handbook to make sure that it is compliant with any changes to state and federal laws.

MyHR State Law Alert

Make sure you stay up to date on the ever-changing state laws with the MyHR State Law Alert. Each month, we will send you a summary of significant new employment laws for all 50 states. If you have questions, our HR experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

Job Description Evaluation Services

A properly developed job description can increase the quality of your new hires, reduce your company's risk, and reduce costly turnover. Have MyHRC review your current job descriptions in order to attract the best candidates as well as adhere to labor law compliance.

Anonymous HR Tipline

The MyTeam Tip Line™ from MyHRConcierge gives workers a way to anonymously voice their concerns about harassment, bullying, and fraud in the workplace to an objective third party. This professional, discreet phone service is based in the USA and is available 24/7/365.

Unemployment Claims Administration

When you receive a questionable employment claim, it's important to act quickly. With our service, a MyHRC professional experienced in contesting questionable unemployment claims will:

- Review the claim and supporting documents you've provided
- Prepare documents using words and phrases that give you the best chance of winning
- Submit the documents to the right state authority within the state's designated timeframe
- Fight on your behalf in unemployment hearings and appeals

COBRA Compliance and Administration Service

COBRACompli™, MyHRC's COBRA compliance and administration service, takes on the responsibility of sending out written COBRA notices, enrolls qualified beneficiaries in COBRA, collects premiums, and terminates COBRA when required.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration

MyHRConcierge will ensure the proper FMLA notifications are sent to the employee and also work with the management team to ensure they are handled appropriately.

Wage and Employee Verifications Service                                                    

In many instances, employees applying for car loans, new apartments, etc. require verifications from their employer, and many times they will also require to verify their wages. MyHRC will confirm this information (with proper authorization from the employee) on your behalf, alleviating. the burden of performing wage and employee verifications from your staff by returning the required documents on your behalf.

Garnishment and Child Support Administration                                                    

MyHRC will return required information to the jurisdiction. Then, we provide the necessary information to your payroll department to record withholdings so they can remit the payment.


myHIRE System

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Increase your number of job applicants while increasing hiring efficiency. myHIRE's ATS maintains an efficient process to post to job boards, create "text-to-hire" campaigns, and manage the applicant process. The user-friendly platform allows applications to be filled out via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Employee Onboarding System

myHIRE's employee onboarding systems allows new employees to fill out their new hire paperwork online via mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. The system also streamlines onboarding procedures such as I-9 verification and E-Verify. The management dashboard allows managers to track new hires as they progress through the hiring process.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Administration

Don't miss out on the hiring tax credits you are entitled to when hiring applicants that meet certain criteria outlined by the government. Our WOTC administration service includes helping uncover tax credits for your business and then filling out all of the paper work your accountant will need to properly record the credits on your return.

Benefits Administration System

Avoid handling paper and simplify the administration of your employee benefits. Employees can enroll in new coverages, report qualifying events online, access their benefits information and resources, and terminate their coverages, anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Secure Access to Employee Files

Get rid of the file cabinets and maintain employee onboarding paperwork in myHIRE. You and designated company personnel will have 24/7 access to employee files, which are maintained in compliance with state and federal regulations.