Unemployment Claims Administration

Unemployment Claims Administration

Claims Contesting Services

MyHRConcierge helps small and medium-sized businesses keep their state unemployment insurance costs down by contesting unemployment insurance claims and serving as hearing & appeal representatives.

Save Money on State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Taxes With MyHRConcierge

Did You Know These Facts about Unemployment Taxes?

  • Losing an unemployment claim can increase your taxes for the following 3 years.
  • Unemployment tax rates and rules vary by state. Rates can vary from .1% to 15.1% based on how much you pay employees and the number of unemployment claims from the previous financial year.

When Should You Consider Contesting Unemployment Claims?

Your business should consider contesting unemployment claims if:

  • You believe an employee is ineligible for unemployment benefits
  • You have high worker turnover
  • You are concerned about raising SUI rates
  • A former employee may file a wrongful termination claim
  • A claim is filed with false or misreported information

You Can Take Control and Put the Brakes on SUI Costs!

If you think state unemployment taxes are just the cost of doing business, think again. Many business owners have found significant savings by identifying and contesting claims with false or misreported information as well as those from ineligible employees.

Some businesses are more vulnerable. Grocers, retailers, restaurants, hospitality, and other businesses with low-wage, high-turnover workforces are particularly vulnerable to improper claims. These businesses often have a significant opportunity to reduce SUI tax costs by challenging improper claims.

Successfully Contest Questionable Claims

MyHRConcierge will handle the basics of contesting questionable claims for you. Doing this on your own can be frustrating and time-consuming. You will lose valuable time and resources unless you know how to make your case and follow the process set forth by the state.

We help employers contest questionable unemployment claims anywhere in the United States.

Concerned about a Wrongful Termination Action?

Why you should contest the unemployment claim to gather valuable evidence.

Are you worried that a former employee may take actions alleging wrongful termination? Contesting their unemployment claim can help you uncover the employee’s side of the story and get your side of the story on record. The evidence you gain can help you choose to settle with the worker or go to trial if the worker pursues legal action.

MyHRConcierge’s Basic Unemployment Claims Contesting Services

When you receive a questionable employment claim, it’s important to act quickly. Count on MyHRConcierge to deliver support for unemployment claims you want to contest anywhere in the United States. With our basic services, you will be able to:

  • Quickly share the right documents with MyHRConcierge
    • Simply log in and upload documents to your account
  • Rely on a MyHRConcierge professional experienced in contesting questionable unemployment claims to:
    • Review the claim and supporting documents you’ve provided
    • Fill out the documents using words and phrases that give you the best chance of winning
    • Submit the documents to the right state authority within the state’s designated timeframe
  • Easily obtain supporting documents from MyHRConcierge

Hearing & Appeal Representatives

For a small additional fee, MyHRConcierge hearing/appeal representatives are an affordable way to have a knowledgeable professional prepare and participate in a contested unemployment claim/hearing on your behalf. Services include:

  • Coordinate witnesses from your company to attend the hearing/appeal call
  • Ensure appropriate documents are sent to the state authority that will hear the case by the designated deadline
  • Act as your representative during the hearing

(Per event pricing available)

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