Employee Handbook Options

Employee Handbook Options

Have MyHRConcierge ensure your handbooks are compliant with state and federal regulations. We specialize in multiple state handbooks which means you can ease your mind that your handbook is compliant regardless of the state you operate. Our job is to make your job easier while giving you peace of mind.

We strive to provide the best possible Handbook solution. Therefore as part of your handbook solution, we also include an HRHealthCheck because we believe it is important that we understand your business when working on your handbook.

With MyHRConcierge, we will provide you a compliant formatted handbook that you can be proud to provide your employees.

Employee Handbook Monitoring Program

With the MyHRConcierge monitoring program, we will make sure you are kept up to date with changing Federal and State laws including COVID-19 created laws and regulations, paid sick leave requirements and more. As litigation increases, Employee Handbook Monitoring can save your business from big risks.

Employee Handbook Review Options

Let the experts at MyHRConcierge ensure your handbook meets state and federal regulations. With today’s remote workers, we specialize in handbooks that cover multiple states. Be confident that your handbook is compliant by having our experts perform the Employee Handbook Review Service.

Employee Handbook Creation Service

Having a compliant employee handbook is vital in communicating to your employees what they can expect from the Company and what the Company expects from them. It is also vital that your Employee Handbook is compliant with federal and state regulations. You can be confident that your employee handbook is compliant by having it prepared by the experts at MyHRConcierge.