Employee Handbook Options

Employee Handbook Options

Have your employee handbooks professionally monitored by the human resources experts of MyHRConcierge. We specialize in multiple state handbooks which means you can ease your mind across multiple locations of your business. Our job is to make your job easier. 

Have multiple locations? We specialize in multi-state handbook services. As changes in policies occur, easily stay on top of these changes and protect your business with our handbook services.

Employee Handbook Monitoring Program

With monthly automatic updates you can ensure your business is compliant with changing Federal and State regulations including Covid-19 Pandemic-created laws and regulations, Discrimination policies and laws, and more. As litigation increases, automatic updates can save your business from big risks.

Employee Handbook Review Service

Is your employee handbook out of date? If you’re not sure, you may be at compliance risk. Be confident that your handbook is compliant by having our experts perform the Employee Handbook Review service.

Employee Handbook Creation Service

MyHRConcierge’s Employee Handbook Creation service results in up-to-date, customized employee handbooks that are designed for your business needs and compliant for all 50 states.