COBRACompli COBRA Compliance & Administration Service
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COBRACompli COBRA Compliance & Administration Service

COBRACompli™ is a COBRA compliance and administration service offered by MyHRConcierge for SMBs with 20 or more employees.

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COBRA Compliance, Administration, and Support Services for Your Business

What is COBRA?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a complicated federal health care law. If you employ 20 or more employees and offer group health benefits, you are required to comply with COBRA.

How Can My Business Become Compliant?

In order to maintain COBRA compliance, you must provide former employees and their dependents the opportunity to continue their health benefits coverage for a designated amount of time if the employee leaves your company, works fewer hours, or experiences a qualifying event.

However, administering a COBRA plan is complicated and time consuming. Most importantly, if you make a mistake, you may receive costly fines.

COBRA Administration Services

With COBRACompli™, we handle the administration details of the COBRA plan for your business, including:

  • Notices & Correspondence sent to your qualified employees. COBRA may require you to provide up to 25 written notices per affected employee.
  • Collection and processing of participant payments. We remit these payments to you.
  • Date Tracking: We track important dates for your COBRA plan, including election timelines, coverage periods, and notification dates.
  • Enrollment: MyHRC will monitor who is eligible at your business for COBRA and remove terminated employees from coverage. We will communicate enrollments and enrollment changes to the carrier.

COBRA Support Services

Trust the COBRACompli™ team of experts to help you navigate intricate COBRA rules and regulations. We provide:

  • Easy-to-understand, precise guidance tailored to your business objectives, workforce, and situation
  • Help when you need it
  • Convenient, secure online access for you and your participants
  • Monitoring of changes in COBRA regulations
  • Rapid system and process updates to address COBRA legislative changes
  • Reports on all COBRA activity

COBRACompli Online Platform

COBRACompli™’s Online Platform is a leading, enterprise-class, central system for COBRA administration records.

This full-featured online experience is available 24/7 on our safe and secure platform, providing real-time information access for you and your COBRA participants.

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