MyTeam Tip Line™

MyTeam Tip Line™

A Simple, Safe, and Discreet Way for Employees to Speak Up

Hiring the right tip line partner encourages workers to speak up without fear of reprisal. The MyTeam Tip Line™ from MyHRConcierge gives workers a way to voice their concerns about harassment, bullying, and fraud in the workplace anonymously to an objective third party.

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Benefits of MyTeam Tip Line™

Protect Worker Productivity, Morale & Wellness

  • Nearly 1 in 5 American workers are exposed to a hostile or threatening social environment at work.
  • Every target of a bully may lose 400 hours of productivity annually including sick leave and vacation.
  • Shows workers that you take their concerns seriously
  • Workers can remain anonymous

Reduce Worker Turnover

  • 72% of workers will leave a job because they’ve been bullied or witnessed bullying in the workplace

Prevent Fraud, Lawsuits, Losses & Fines

  • On average, it takes 318 days to resolve an unemployment claim.
  • The average payment for defense and settlement charges to resolve an employment claim is $160,000.
  • Organizations with tip lines detect fraud 50% more quickly

61% of Americans are aware of abusive conduct in the workplace, but many are afraid to speak up.

MyTeam Tip Line™ Service Delivers

  • A professional, discreet phone service available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Based in the United States
  • Complete and accurate reporting:
    • Case numbers are assigned to each reported concern
    • All info is accurately documented and shared with the designated team

Order MyTeam Tip Line™

The MyTeam Tip Line™ is available as a monthly subscription at $.45 per employee per month.