HRCompli + admin® Premium HR Compliance Service

HRCompli + admin® Premium HR Compliance Service

With our premium tier, HRCompli + admin®, you receive all of HRCompli’s services as well as a qualified team to handle your complex HR compliance paperwork.

Services Included in HRCompli + admin®

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Obtain more and better applicants by utilizing MyHRC’s MyHIRE ATS. MyHIRE will automatically post jobs to job boards and create a career page you can utilize on you website. All of these avenues are readily accessible by an applicant via their mobile device or computer. You can also manage the hiring process effectively and efficiently through our hiring dashboard.

Employee Onboarding

By using MyHIRE, we make it easy, efficient, and painless to complete onboarding paperwork. Our system allows your employees to fill out their onboarding paperwork online via their mobile device or computer. In addition to onboarding services, MyHRC performs employee screening services including background and drug tests for an additional fee.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Are you taking advantage of the tax credits you are entitled to? Many companies save many thousands of dollars by through WOTC. MyHIRE will let you know who is eligible for tax credits and also perform the required administration for you to file for the credits on your tax return.

Benefits Enrollment and Administration

We provide your employees the ability to enroll in benefits by using our online system. Once an employee enrolls in insurance, MyHRC enrolls the employee with the carrier. As employees leave or are terminated, MyHRC notifies the carrier. MyHRC does not perform administration of 401(k) plans or HSA plans.

COBRA Administration

MyHRC provides COBRA Administration services for employees that have benefits that have terminated. After an employee is terminated, MyHRC provides them with the required COBRA notifications.

If they elect COBRA, MyHRC will enroll them with the carrier and also collect their monthly premiums on behalf of the client. The COBRA will be terminated with the carrier if the qualified beneficiary stops paying their premiums or their allotted COBRA time has elapsed. MyHRC does not perform state continuation for groups under 20.

Personnel Termination Counseling

Ensure that terminations are performed in a compliant manner. We will review write-ups, termination documents, etc. to ensure they are appropriate. We will also coach the supervisor on how to perform the termination if necessary.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

When notified of an FMLA event, the proper notifications are sent to the employee. We will also work with the client to track the FMLA leave to ensure the employee does not get more than afforded under the Act.

Wage and Employee Verifications

In many instances, employees applying for car loans, new apartments, etc. require verifications from their employer that they are employed and many times their wages. MyHRC will confirm this information (with proper authorization from the employee) on behalf of the employer.

Employee File Compliance

Ensure your employee files are maintained in compliance with state and federal regulations. Employee files are maintained online to provide access to designated company personnel.

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