Why A Fast Employee Screening Turnaround Matters!

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by G. T. HR

Don’t risk a good candidate to slow screening turnaround.

Employee screening is a key focus area for HR professionals to ensure they protect their company and hire the best employees. Fast employee screening turnaround can be the difference between hiring a candidate or losing them to a competitor. You can’t afford to lose good candidates. Your employees are part of your overall brand and culture. Hiring a risky candidate can mean possible theft, issues with timeliness or reliability, or worse, all of which can lead to termination and a once again vacant position. This is why so much energy is placed on hiring. Hiring the right people can be an exhaustive process and sometimes expensive but hiring the wrong people can be a disaster.

They’re the right fit. Now what?

When the right candidate applies for the position, the clock is ticking. The next steps set the tone for the experience for the applicant and can secure a good candidate. The process should go smoothly and efficiently from the moment the candidate fills out the application and then into the background check and screening part of the process if at all possible. A stall in turnaround time at the screening part of the hiring process can be very frustrating and can often cause a qualified candidate to lose interest.

Working with screening vendors that have a strong reputation in this industry can ensure that the candidate you choose is what you expected. Many times applicants “pad” or enhance their resumé or give false information to win a job. Your screening professional should be able to assist with verification as well as the discovery of other risky underlying issues in an applicant’s past.  There’s often a lack of understanding of local privacy laws and the nuances behind the kinds of checks which are allowed in each county, state, or country.  An experienced screening expert will fully understand which screenings should be conducted in each branch of an organization. This can prevent very costly hires.

How can you as an employer ensure that you don’t
miss the opportunity for a great hire?

We know that when a hiring manager is anxiously waiting for the results of a background check, it can feel like forever. If they’ve already decided that the candidate is perfect, it can seem especially frustrating. After all, they could be missing out on exploring another candidate. It’s a hiring dance, and it often requires perfect timing during the hiring process.

It’s easy to see why a company such as MyHRscreens, that can guarantee a quick employee screening turnaround can make a hiring manager feel at ease. Customer service and communication can provide assurance, giving everyone a positive experience.

Top things to consider in a screening company

Choose a screening company that can deliver the following:

  • Accuracy and turnaround
  • A thorough understanding of your results
  • Knowledge and experience, to catch any mistakes or oversights quickly. Personal service to problem solve with you, as challenges arise.
  • Superior user platform for order placing and result retrieval.

A company like MyHRScreens has all of the above and can even help you audit your employee screening program to ensure you are running the screens best for you. Let us help you by connecting you to a comprehensive screening program. For more questions about screening or HR assistance contact MyHRConcierge at 1-855-538-6947 x.108, email ccooley@myhrconcierge.com or schedule a convenient free consultation below.