Labor Law Poster Updates in August & September 2018

Last Updated on February 21, 2019

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Below is a chart outlining the labor law poster updates for August and September 2018. If you have a need to update your labor poster, you can CLICK HERE to order an updated Federal and State compliant poster.

Status Codes

M = Mandatory Update Required

Non = Non-Mandatory Update

Date State Poster Updated Content Changed Status
9/2018 San Francisco, CA Fair Chance Ordinance Notice revised to include more information on when an employer can ask about criminal history, notification process for when a background check will occur, and contact information for the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement. M
9/2018 NM Minimum Wage Complete re-design of poster as well as added language about overtime, tipped workers, damages, retaliation, minimum wage enforcement, local minimum wages, and more. M
9/2018 NV Workers’ Compensation Revised with new information on where to file a Workers Compensation claim as well as new font requirements. M
9/2018 NV Minimum Wage Rules to be Observed More information added about domestic workers and their exemptions to the break and hour laws. M
9/2018 IA Unemployment Insurance Updated to include new ways to file online and in person as well as revisions to both the website URL and various logos. M
8/2018 OK Discrimination Notice Significant re-wording on how to file a complaint about discrimination and what classifies discrimination as well as an update to the contact information. M
8/2018 VA Job Safety and Health Protection Updated with new penalty rates, and a new revision date. M
8/2018 TX Notification of the Ombudsman Program Updated to remove notification information as well as to add a new logo and revised contact information. M
8/2018 New York City, NY New York City Labor Law Poster Updated to include Sexual Harassment notice to the poster. M