MyHRConcierge is Key Sponsor for The Payroll Group Annual Conference

Last Updated on November 28, 2018 by G. T. HR

Demonstrates Commitment to Independent Payroll Providers and Their SMB Customers

Ridgeland, Mississippi (4/18/18) – MyHRConcierge (MHRC) has joined The Payroll Group (TPG) as associate member and is serving as a key sponsor for the 2018 TPG Annual Conference being held May 2- 4 in Hollywood, CA. MyHRConcierge will showcase its Independent Payroll Provider Partner Program during the 3-day TPG conference. Chris Cooley, co-founder of MyHRConcierge will give a 10-minute presentation during the conference.

“We’re here to help TPG members squeezed by 3 market challenges: 1) big competitors zeroing in on their small-medium business (SMB) customers, 2) finding ways to deliver expert personal service at an affordable price and 3) building profitable revenue streams,” notes Chris Cooley. “They can add value for their SMB customers and build profitable revenues for themselves with MyHRConcierge next-level HR services.”

MyHRConcierge’ s support of TPG demonstrates its commitment to partnering with independent payroll providers by offering easy and affordable HR services that fit their SMB customers, financial objectives and product strategy.

About MyHRConcierge Independent Payroll Provider Partner Program
Faced with increasing risks from labor laws and competition for top talent, many employers are frustrated with the traditional approach to HR and employee benefits. They want the simpler, more affordable, more personal approach.

Our focus is on forming strategic partnerships with networks of independent payroll providers who serve U.S. small-medium businesses (SMBs). We help our partners tackle the top HR challenges their customers face – and build profitable revenue streams for their own businesses.

A unique a la carte approach, lets our partners choose the services that work best for their financial objectives, product strategy and SMB customer base. They count on us for Group Health Coverage, ACA Employer Mandate Compliance, Anonymous Employee Tip Lines, Manager’s Help Lines, COBRA Compliance, HR Policy Development and other HR solutions.