COVID-19 Support Package

COVID-19 Support Package

Our COVID-19 Support Package is designed to keep businesses like yours abreast of ever-changing rules and regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic. For $45 per month, you'll receive COVID-19 guidance from HR and workplace experts.

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Monthly Subscription Includes

COVID-19 Helpline

Provides you unlimited access to a HR consultant to answer any questions you may have regarding the Emergency Leave Act or the Paid Sick Leave Act. It is important that you fully understand the affect of these bills on your business how to plan for them.

Manager’s HRHelp Line

While COVID-19 is affecting all of us, you still must run your business. The Manager’s HRHelp Line will provide unlimited access to an HR Consultant to answer questions regarding with any employee issues that arise – disciplinary actions, terminations, layoffs, etc.


Are you sure your HR processes are compliant? Let MyHRConcierge perform a HRHealthCheck™ to help determine where you may have risk and reduce your risk of fines and penalties.

COVID-19 Required Policies

MyHRConcierge will provide you with samples of company policies as prescribed by the Emergency Leave Act and the Paid Sick Leave Act.

ShareHR Forum

ShareHR is a private access client forum with active discussions on human resources topics, including COVID-19. Join the forum to chat with experts, business owners, and human resources professionals.

Order COVID-19 Support Package

Let MyHRConcierge make sure you have the resources to get through the pandemic and beyond. Sign up for the subscription package for $45 a month.