Manager’s HRHelp Line

Manager’s HRHelp Line

Get answers for urgent employee issues, HR, and risk management questions with MyHRConcierge's Manager's HRHelp Line™.

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Why Do You Need an HR Management Help Line?

Chasing HR answers can sap your business growth. Count on MyHRConcierge to help you through the complex HR compliance details that drain your time, dollars, and people.

Did You Know?

  • Managers spend an average of 300 hours per year on resolving conflict.
  • If you have one employee, you are obligated to comply with 16 federal regulations (not including state regulations).

Are You Willing to Risk Fines, Lawsuits & Inquiries?

  • One in five Americans have been subjected to physical violence, bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment at work in the past year
  • The average “payment for defense and settlement charges to resolve an employment claim” is $160,000.

When you have an HR issue, call the Manager’s HRHelp Line™.

Benefits of the Manager’s HRHelp Line™

Manager’s HRHelp Line keeps managers on task, allowing them to focus on driving growth.

Topics Frequently Asked About on the HRHelp Line

  • General federal and state human resource compliance questions
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • COBRA, Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII, and other employment laws
  • Industry best practices
  • Much more

Equip Managers While Reducing HR Risks

Reports of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, threats, physical violence and other anti-social workplace behavior are on the rise.

Don’t risk decreased worker productivity, a bad reputation, penalties, fines and worse. Equip managers with a resource to handle difficult HR situations in a legal yet sensitive manner.

With Manager’s HRHelp Line, our knowledgeable expert guides you through the specific situation you’re facing rather than repeating legalese.

Manager’s HRHelp Line™ Details

The Manager’s HRHelp Line™ is an affordable monthly subscription service from MyHRconcierge. With this subscription, you will be provided with a consultant will listen to your situation and provide easy to understand suggestions for handling the situation in a legal, yet sensitive matter. When you call, you’ll be able to:

  • Have access to an HR consultant 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday
  • Get the right answers to your federal and state HR compliance questions FAST, up to 5 cases per month

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