Hiring “For Keeps” In This Healthcare Shortage

Last Updated on May 27, 2022 by G. T. HR

How Do We Solve This Healthcare Shortage With Our Next Hire?

Read how your business can avoid more turnover at a time of need.

As U.S. hospitals and clinics deal with more patients, both COVID-19 and non-COVID, many are facing staffing shortages.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the ongoing shortage of health workers, leaving health care facilities of all kinds short-staffed, even as the number of nationwide coronavirus cases continues to rise.

Many states, are experiencing increasing hospital capacity concerns not necessarily because hospitals are inundated with coronavirus patients, but because of staffing shortages as they try to compete with nursing agencies for hires and facilities that are offering bonuses and incentives to keep workers.

What lies ahead in the staffing of healthcare facilities?

The healthcare industry has an uncertain future ahead. But one thing is certain, the need for more staff. There are many aspects of hiring to fill these positions that are important, but a specific focus on a quality and reliable worker could not be more important. As the industry begins to restructure and rehire for its needs, the goal is to stabilize and avoid surprises and further turnover.

Spend More Time Early in The Hiring Process, Instead Of Replacing Employees Later

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed employers in a position to invest and improve. In this time, healthcare providers have an opportunity to take more thorough steps on the front end of hiring to avoid dangerous issues with their hires in the future.

Don’t rush to rush to hire and skip important background screening information. The answer to preventing turnover surprises is hiring high quality individuals and peforming more accurate background screenings.

Through the proper checks and screenings, you can verify, that your candidate is who they claim to be, especially through these areas that are important to the healthcare industry:

  • National Criminal Database Search
  • County criminal check looking back 7 years
  • Education verification
  • Employment verifications
  • Professional Licensure verification
  • Federal Criminal Search beyond fingerprinting

But Won’t This Take Too Much Time? How Do I Get This Information Back Quickly?

You’d be surprised about this misconception. Depending on experience and customer service, we have found that a quality employee screening company such as MyHRScreens can produce accuracy and even faster turnaround, which is a priority in this time of need. So just because you are under the gun to hire quickly, accuracy and turnaround should still be expected!  It’s more important than ever not to cut corners in order to make this hire one of your best!

For detailed questions about employee screening, let MyHRScreens help. Contact klewis@myhrscreens.com today to ask questions or set up an appointment.

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