The Shelby Report: Cybersecurity Combats Cyber Crime

Last Updated on October 9, 2020 by G. T. HR

Cybersecurity Tools can Arm Employees to
Combat Cyber Villains

Workers vital to curb steep cost of cybersecurity breaches

No grocer – small or large – is immune to cybersecurity attacks. “80% of U.S. businesses expect a critical breach in 2019,” according to Trend Micro’s Cyber Risk Index (CRI).  The consequences of a data breach to your business, workforce and customers can be brutal.

At stake: Your customers, reputation & more

Grocers and other retailers who suffer a cyber attack could lose ~20% of their shoppers, according to KPMG’s Consumer Loss Barometer.


The costs of a data breach can quickly pile up including

  • Direct financial loss (i.e. theft of financial records, trade secrets, etc.
  • Regulatory fines & legal costs
  • Lost customers
  • Tarnished reputation
  • Disruption to your business
  • Legal costs due to breached employee and customer records
  • Taking corrective action including notification costs, credit card reissues, identity repair, credit monitoring, etc.

There are affordable ways protect your customers, reputation and business from cyber crooks.  Here are ways you can prepare your Insiders to identify, avoid and report threats. MyHRConcierge offers E-Learn tools that can help SMBs as well.