Staffing Firm Meets Unique ACA & HR Challenges
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Staffing Firm Meets Unique ACA & HR Challenges


Verity Recruiting, a temporary staffing firm specializing in IT, faced unique HR challenges spurred by rapid growth and the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. There was no road map to define the rules and impacts of ACA on their business model.

Verity met the challenge head on with a cost-effective yet flexible way to free its executives from their worries about big ACA fines and other financial risks related to HR compliance. Now they focus on what they do best – recruiting, evaluating and hiring premium IT talent for their clients.

About Verity Recruiting

Verity Recruiting (“Verity”): A privately held staffing and recruiting company specializing in Information Technology. Verity sources highly talented people to serve the needs of its mid-to-large sized clients.

Verity’s Workforce: “Our workforce is transitional in nature and varies from 50-100 employees at any given time. The average client engagement for our consultants lasts about 6 months. Keeping track of employee status and benefits as they start, stop and re-start client projects takes extra effort.”

“We chose MyHRConcierge when our primary pain point was complying with ACA. We’ve gotten so much more from them. They’ve made me feel like I’m their only client.”
– Jody Fish, Vice President, Verity Recruiting

The Challenge

For their first 10 years in business, Verity handled HR themselves. Then came the Affordable Care Act and Verity’s growth exploded as the Dallas/Ft. Worth market began to emerge from the recession. “We quickly realized this was much larger and more complex than what we could handle ourselves,” notes Jody Fish, Vice President, Verity Recruiting.

Verity briefly considered hiring someone in-house. But, quickly realized investing in a full time HR team and their education to keep up with ACA and manage HR administration didn’t make sense.

“At the time the ACA rules and regs weren’t clearly defined,” explains Jody. “We needed an expert to help figure it out and put the right process in place. Once that was done, we needed someone to spend about 10 hours a week on HR admin details.”

The Solution

“MyHRConcierge started by helping us figure out ACA requirements and the impact on our temporary staffing agency business model was a big first step,” explains Jody. “Then, they helped us develop and evolve the HR processes we needed to handle ACA, our rapid growth and increased demand for consultants in our market space.”

Verity Recruiting’s MyHRConcierge 3-part solution includes:


  • Decision Support Expert
  • Insight for Better Decision-Making
  • Pay or Play Analysis
  • Transition Relief Guidance
  • Setup of IRS Required Period Calculations
  • Hotline Staffed by ACA Experts
  • Protection of Sensitive Data
  • Flexible Approach & Responsive Reporting
  • Additional Administrative Support
  • Personal HR Concierge
  • World-Class HR Management Infrastructure
  • Alerts and Insights of Impact of Relevant Labor Law Changes
  • Suggest Real Solutions
  • Evaluate Job Description Compliance for Internal Employees and Consultants
  • Assess Internal Employee Handbook and Consultant’s Handbook
  • MyTeam Tip Line, Workforce Administration Forms & Labor Law Posters
  • New Consultant and New Hire Administration & Support
  • Employee File Compliance
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Offboarding Employees & Consultants Administration & Support
  • Flexible Processes to Fit Verity’s Business

The Results

Focus on What we Do Best Vs ACA Compliance

MyHRConcierge’s biggest contribution to Verity Recruiting is “ACA and workforce labor compliance expertise,” according to Jody. “Before MyHRConcierge, our biggest worry was ACA and ensuring we didn’t face a giant fine five years down the road. Now we can comfortably focus on recruiting talented technical people to meet our clients’ needs.”

The Right HR Processes to Fit Our Business

“Instead of trying to fit us into their process, MyHRConcierge worked hard to understand our processes and how they link together.” Jody explains that in the temporary staffing business, everything is variable. Therefore, Verity didn’t have the answers for how to make ACA and HR work within their existing business processes. They appreciated how willing the MyHRConcierge team was to work with them to figure out the details of onboarding, off-boarding and re-boarding of Verity consultants.

Improved Communication Streamlines New Consultant Onboarding

One of our biggest challenges in the beginning was how to effectively communicate when consultants start and stop working on a client projects. “We worked together with MyHRConcierge to figure it out. They took a look at our current process and documentation from recruiting to payroll. Then, we came up with a way to notify MyHRConcierge when a consultant starts a new project and to provide the documents they need to handle HR compliance,” explains Jody.

Let Your Business Soar!

MyHRConcierge has helped Verity Recruiting and others tackle HR compliance and administration. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation.


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