Regional Grocery Chain Solves HR Challenges

Regional Grocery Chain Solves HR Challenges


Vowell’s Marketplace, a regional supermarket chain improved its HR operations. In just a few months, they have simplified compliance with the Affordable Care Act, the Family Medical Leave Act as well as other federal and state regulations. Other results include:

  1. More accurate employee records
  2. Improved responsiveness to employees
  3. Cost-efficiencies
  4. Better prepared for unemployment claims

The Challenge

Like many other mid-sized businesses, Vowell’s started out handling HR compliance and administration in-house. “When someone asked an HR question, we scrambled to find the answer,” notes Todd Vowell, President, Vowell’s Marketplace.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a wake-up call to Todd and his team of store managers. They needed a better way to keep up and comply with the rapidly changing ACA rules as well as other state and federal labor laws.

Improving the addition and removal of employees from Vowell’s roster became a crucial “must do” to significantly improve their ability to comply with ACA. It would also enable Vowell’s to significantly reduce group health coverage expenses and achieve other important objectives.

The Solution

Todd personally led the efforts to find the right solution for both Vowell’s and its employees. They selected the following MyHRConcierge solution:

HR Compli

  • Personal HR Concierge
  • World-Class HR Management Infrastructure
  • Alerts and Insights on Impact of Relevant Labor Law Changes
  • Suggest Real Solution
  • Evaluate Job Description Compliance & Employee Handbook
  • MyTeam Tip Line, Workforce Administration Forms & Labor Law Posters

  • New Hire Administration & Support
  • Employee File Compliance
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Offboarding Employee Administration & Support
  • Flexible Processes to Fit Vowell’s Business

“We considered ramping up in-house resources along with several other alternatives. We chose MyHRConcierge over the other options – they were more knowledgeable about the impact of HR rules on our grocery business across multiple states. Their solution offered more personal service for our employees and management team. Cost-efficiency was another big factor in their favor.”

The Results

Benefits both Vowell’s & its employees

MyHRConcierge’s biggest contribution to Vowell’s is “first-in-class knowledge,” according to Todd. He considers this a valuable resource for both Vowell’s and its employees. “Sometimes businesses don’t know all the ins and outs of rules like FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act). And, employees may not be fully aware of the type of benefits available to them. MyHRConcierge proactively works with our employees to help them understand these benefits,” according to Todd.

More time to focus on the business

Todd also describes MyHRConcierge services as “Freeing, efficient and extremely responsive.” He explains that MHRC’s solution frees him to spend more time on operations– ultimately helping Vowell’s generate more revenues.

Improved cost efficiency & response to employees

“Before MyHRConcierge, we spent more than necessary on group health expenses because John Doe might stay on our roster for 3-4 months after he has left us,” according to Todd. “MHRC has helped us with better employee onboarding and offboarding processes. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce unnecessary group health expenses; keep more accurate employee records; improve our new employee pay process and more fairly address unemployment claims.”

“We chose myHRConcierge because of their knowledge, experience, cost efficient solutions and tangible availability – they are there for us on a personal level even more than I dreamed or planned.” Todd Vowell, President & Secretary, Vowell’s Marketplace

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MyHRConcierge has helped Vowell’s Marketplace and others tackle HR compliance and administration. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation.

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