MyHRC Offers COBRA Compliance Service for Monthly Fee

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

COBRACompliâ„¢ Eases COBRA Worries for Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)

MyHRConcierge has now launched COBRACompli. COBRACompli is a monthly subscription service that makes it more affordable for business owners to effectively handle complex compliance and administration details required by Federal COBRA laws.

What is COBRA?

Employers with 20 or more employees who offer healthcare benefits must follow COBRA requirements.

For example, consider a qualified employee who leaves the company, works fewer hours, or experiences a qualifying event. COBRA requires the employer to provide that former employee and the employee’s dependents with the opportunity to continue their health benefits coverage for a designated time.

How COBRA Affects SMBs

COBRA can squeeze the life out of small to medium businesses in two ways:

  1. The rules, calculations and administration are perplexing at best.
  2. Employers are on the hook financially if they get it wrong.

For example, an employer could face $57,600 for non-compliance related to one former employee and their family.

COBRACompli, the new service from MyHRC, helps SMBs avoid costly COBRA mistakes that could tank their businesses.

About MyHRConcierge & SMB Benefits Advisors

Many employers are faced with increasing risks from labor laws and competition for top talent. Therefore, they are frustrated with the traditional approach to HR and employee benefits.

They want the simpler, more affordable, more personal approach that SMB Benefits Advisors and MyHRConcierge offer.

Our focus is on forming strategic partnerships with others who serve U.S. small-medium businesses. We help our partners tackle the top HR challenges their customers face. As a result, they build profitable revenue streams for their own businesses.

A unique a la carte approach lets our partners choose the services that work best for their customers, financial objectives, and product strategy. They count on us for COBRA Compliance, HR Resources, ACA Employer Mandate Compliance, Anonymous Employee Tip Lines, Manager’s Help Lines, HR Policy Development and other HR and benefits solutions.

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