MyTeam Tip Line™

Offer Your Employees an Anonymous Tip Line to Uncover Workplace Issues Sooner

How Unspoken Worker Concerns and Hidden Issues Cramp Business Growth

Damages Worker Productivity, Morale, Wellness & More

  • Nearly 1 in 5 American workers are exposed to a hostile or threatening social environment at work.
  • Every target of a bully may lose 400 hours of productivity annually including sick leave and vacation.

Harms Reputation, Causes Worker Turnover, and Customers & Stakeholders Become Wary

  • 72% of people who will leave a job because they’ve been bullied or witnessed bullying in the workplace.

Costly Fines, Lawsuits, Inquiries & Losses

  • On average, it takes 318 days to resolve an unemployment claim.
  • The average payment for defense and settlement charges to resolve an employment claim is $160,000.

SMBs are Hit Hard by Fraud

Make Speaking Up Simple, Safe & Discreet

Harassment, bullying, and fraud in the workplace are growing risks for small and mid-sized business owners. Workers aren’t comfortable sharing their concerns with a colleague or supervisor. Hiring the right tip line partner encourages workers to speak up without fear of reprisal. The MyTeam Tip Line from MyHRC gives workers a way to voice their concerns anonymously to an objective third party.

MyTeam Tip Line from MyHRConcierge delivers:

  • A professional, discreet phone service
  • Based in the U.S.
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Complete and accurate reporting:
    • Case numbers are assigned to each reported concern
    • All info is accurately documented and shared with the designated team
  • Useful pointers to launch MyTeam Tip Line

61% of Americans are aware of abusive conduct in the workplace, but many are afraid to speak up.

The MyTeam Tip Line Difference

Count on us to help you through the complex HR compliance details that drain your time, dollars, and people. Let us free you to handle what really matters to your business.

Value for You

  • Reduce turnover, employee dissatisfaction, fraud, theft, etc.
  • Identify and address problems before they get out of hand
  • Limit lawsuit risks

Value for Your Team

  • Empowers workers to speak up and communicate
  • They can remain nameless
  • Shows workers you take their concern seriously

Ready to add MyTeam Tip Line to your workplace’s Human Resources solution? It’s the best, most affordable way to give your employees a discreet way to voice their concerns.

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