Find the Best Fit with Ease

myHIRE offers an integrated online system
that provides applicant tracking, employee
onboarding and benefits administration.

• User-friendly job creation and application process

• Customizable onboarding capabilities

• Efficient and Clear benefit information and resources

myHIRE presents Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) opportunities during the application process. In addition it will provide required tax return information for the filing of WOTC credit.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

• Determines WOTC eligibility

• Shows eligible credits for applicants

• Creates appropriate forms and provides information for tax



More About the Easy and Effective MyHIRE Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

MyHIRE Applicant Tracking System

• Quickly create job postings and post them to job board

• Job postings are mobile formatted for increased engagement

• A Mobile friendly and user-friendly process with a text to apply option

• Schedule interviews, take notes and more

• Select best candidates through ranking in simple to use dashboard

Paperless Employee Onboarding

• Quickly and efficiently complete employee onboarding paperwork

• Onboarding paperwork can be completed on  mobile device or computer

• Customize onboarding paperwork to meet your needs Benefits Administration

• I-9 verification documents can be uploaded via mobile device

Benefits Administration Advantage

• Empower employees with information to make
the best choices

• Enroll in new coverages and report qualifying events online

• Provide access to employees of their benefit information and resources



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