MyHRConcierge Announces the Integration of COBRACompli with Employee Navigator for Seamless COBRA Administration

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

MyHRConcierge is excited to announce the integration of COBRACompli, our hallmark COBRA administration service, with Employee Navigator. This strategic integration is aimed at providing enhanced efficiency and seamless operations to our clients and brokers.

Eliminating Double Entries, Doubling Efficiency

One of the most time-consuming challenges faced by HR teams and brokers is the need for repeated data entry across multiple platforms. Recognizing the need for more streamlined operations, the integration between COBRACompli and Employee Navigator has been designed to address this very issue. With this integration in place, qualified beneficiaries will be automatically passed into COBRACompli, thus eliminating the need for redundant entries.

What Employee Navigator Integration Means for Our Clients and Brokers

Enhanced Efficiency

The automatic transfer of data between Employee Navigator and COBRACompli ensures that clients and brokers spend less time on manual data entry and more time focusing on what truly matters – ensuring the well-being and benefits of employees.

Continued Compliance

While the integration offers increased efficiency, clients and brokers can still expect the same level of compliance adherence from COBRACompli. Our dedication to navigating the complexities of COBRA compliance remains unwavering.

Best of Both Worlds

Along with the operational benefits of the integration, clients and brokers will continue to enjoy the industry-leading customer service that has been the cornerstone of COBRACompli. Our team is committed to assisting and guiding our partners every step of the way.

Move Forward With MyHRConcierge

MyHRConcierge is steadfast in its mission to simplify and elevate the HR experience. We understand the dynamic nature of HR requirements and the need for adaptive solutions. With the integration of COBRACompli and Employee Navigator, we have taken yet another stride towards making HR processes more streamlined, efficient, and effective. Contact us today at, 855-538-6947 xt 108 or schedule a convenient time for you below: