HR Priorities for 2023

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Top Three HR Priorities in 2023

We’re well into 2023, and we recognize that the world is rapidly changing. Factors such as a looming recession, increased inflation, and shifting employee needs may make trying to imagine the year ahead overwhelming. However, planning ahead will help ensure that you’re prepared for whatever 2023 may bring.

You may see lots of different information about what to expect in 2023. We break down three main categories of impactful priorities for the new year.

Priority 1: Employee Well-being

If the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted any part of the HR experience, the most prominent may be wellness. Trends in 2022, such as The Great Resignation have put the spotlight on employee well-being. And, according to 2023 predictions, that will continue into the new year.

Workplace Wellness Statistics

Nearly half (46%) of people in Glassdoor-Indeed’s 2023 Hiring Workplace Trends Report say that their expectations of happiness at work have increased in the last year. Nearly all (86%) respondents say how they feel at work impacts how they feel at home.

If you needed another reason to put an increased focus on well-being, McLean & Company’s HR Trends Report 2023 found that more than a third of all respondents reported a higher level of stress as well as burnout. However, the report also found that respondents with a higher sense of purpose were less likely to experience these symptoms.

How to Get a Head Start on Prioritizing Employee Well-Being

As many companies scale back recruiting and hiring in the face of an unstable economy, now may be the perfect time to focus more on providing a top-notch company culture and mental health benefits. Before the new year, consider surveying employees on how happy they are at the company and how important they feel the work they’re doing is to help develop a strategy to improve employee well-being in 2023.

Priority 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will be top of mind for many HR professionals as we head into 2023. 

Surveys such as Lattice’s State of People Strategy and HR Trends Report 2023 list DEI among the top priorities for HR, although McLean & Company found that DEI ranked lower as a priority compared to 2020 and 2021.

DEI Importance Across Generations

Glassdoor-Indeed’s report also predicts an emphasis on DEI efforts. However, the same report found that the interest in DEI is broken up generationally, with younger generations being more likely to consider leaving a job if DEI efforts were not up to par or a gender imbalance in the leadership team. 

The continued and possibly even increased focus on DEI may be correlated to younger generations. They will make up more and more of the workforce and tend to be more vocal about issues relating to social justice and equity. 

How to Get a Head Start on DEI Strategy

For many companies, simply “talking the talk” about DEI won’t cut it anymore. Although most HR departments have DEI strategies, do you know if they’re truly impactful? Collecting data on the impact of your DEI efforts will help you shape and update your strategy for the new year and see where you can improve.

Priority 3: Flexible work

There is a seemingly never-ending war between employers and employees. Companies want workers back in the office. Employees don’t want want to give up the freedom that comes from flexible work.

Employee Demand for Remote Work Options

Despite companies wanting in-office work back in order to curb productivity concerns and increase collaboration, remote work may be here to stay in 2023. Glassdoor-Indeed predicts a shorter supply of candidates in a tight labor market. This means employees will have the upper hand to get their needs met. 

The report finds one of the top reasons employees reported wanting a new job is to work remotely.

How to Get a Head Start on Work Flexibility

Use the beginning of the year to identify pain points that flexible work brings. You can work on finding a happy middle between employees and leadership in the new year.

Planning Makes Perfect

With all the topics that HR professionals are juggling, remember not to lose sight of important compliance details! It seems that there are constantly moving targets when it comes to HR compliance. So how are you supposed to keep track? Here’s a quick reminder of important things that should be done to keep you on track with upcoming compliance deadlines.

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