Do Your Work Crews Travel?

Many industries have seasons where crews travel for work. Screening for the destination adds another element to your compliance risk prevention.

Last Updated on July 26, 2021

How to Prepare for Off-site Project Work—are Your Crews Ready?

Late summer means hurricane season, where many weather emergencies will arise. Conditions can sometimes create a need for crews to deploy to other areas to help, and we want you to be prepared. Many industries see this as an opportunity and proper screening meeting the vendor and/or destination state’s requirements  will keep you from missing out on revenue.

Did you know that your workers may have to conform to various state requirements in the location that they will be traveling for off-site work?

The benefit of being prepared for travel jobs with proper screenings can mean:

  • Increase in revenue when workers are prepared
  • Avoiding legal risk due to non-compliance with state requirements
  • Reduction in employee turnover with quality employees
  • Maintaining FCRA compliant records to avoid risk
  • In case of an accident, you could be off the hook for unemployment  and/or worker’s compensation costs in some states with post-accident drug testing

At MyHRScreens, we can make this easy for you. With our easy to use interface, customers can easily log into the portal and place orders quickly and efficiently, ensuring your working teams are ready for an emergent situation. 

Though hurricane season or power outages may be a catalyst, many industries travel for work for various reasons, and this same preparedness is important.

Reminder: Why You Can’t Wait for a Specific Reason to Run an Employee Screen

Warning! Don’t Wait For Suspicion To Decide To Screen An Employee.
Q. I’m suspicious of an employee, should I do a background check or screen now?

A. No. Don’t Wait.
Contrary to what may seem necessary, it’s important that you screen equally across your departments, and that you do this early and continue with an ongoing schedule.

Establishing a background check and screening step protocol before an emergency arises can mean that you are not liable for an adverse action complaint. All necessary permission will have been granted and paperwork will have been archived to protect you.

This can also help keep your employees honest and maintain a reputation for an honest and dependable workforce.

For detailed questions about employee screening, let MyHRScreens help. Contact today to ask questions or set up an appointment.

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