MyHRConcierge and Execupay Partner to Offer COBRACompli™

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Monthly Fee Lets Employers Simplify COBRA Compliance & SUI Cost Management

San Antonio, Texas (7/06/18) – Execupay and MyHRConcierge (MyHRC) have announced a partnership to offer COBRACompli to Execupay’s network of 150 payroll and HR service providers that serve more than 1 million employees across the U.S.

COBRACompli, an enhanced offering developed by MyHRC, provides COBRA administration and support services for a set monthly fee.

Execupay and MyHRC will also offer services to help employers contest questionable state unemployment insurance (SUI) claims that can drive up business taxes each year.

“COBRA compliance and SUI costs are often a drain on Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs),” notes Gerald Stowers, CEO of Execupay. “Partnering with MyHRConciege to deliver affordable services like COBRACompli and Unemployment Claims Contesting Services helps our clients focus on what‘s most important to them.”

“Partnering with MyHRConciege to deliver affordable services like COBRACompli and Unemployment Claims Contesting Services helps our clients focus on what‘s most important to them.”

“SMBs are squeezed by HR compliance on many fronts and COBRA compliance is one of the culprits,” notes Chris Cooley, co-founder MyHRConcierge. “Figuring out the rules is mind-numbing, and mistakes are costly. For example, an employer could face $57,600 for COBRA non-compliance related to one former employee and their family. COBRACompli can help SMBs avoid mistakes that could take down their businesses.”

About COBRACompli

COBRACompli from Execupay and MyHRConcierge is an easy, secure and affordable way for SMBs to handle complex COBRA compliance rules. The service includes the following:

COBRACompli Administration

  • Timely collection of premium payments from participants
  • Communicating COBRA insurance enrollments to the carrier
  • Notifying carriers when COBRA coverage is terminated

COBRACompli Support

  • Help when you need it
  • Convenient, secure online access for you and the participants
  • Monitoring of changes in COBRA regulations
  • Rapid system and process updates to address COBRA legislation changes
  • Reports on all COBRA activity

About Unemployment Claims Administration Services

Ignoring questionable or unjustified unemployment claims – especially for businesses with high employee turnover – drives up an employer’s SUI tax rate in many states. Contesting claims is one way to proactively manage escalating tax rates. The process of contesting the claim can also net valuable insight if there is risk of a wrongful termination claim.

But, contesting a claim is not easy process with deadlines and processes that vary by state. The Execupay and MyHRConcierge service handles the basics of contesting questionable SUI claims. For an extra fee, businesses can add the services of a knowledgeable professional to prepare and participate in a contested unemployment hearing on their behalf.

About Execupay

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Execupay provides human capital management services and solutions covering payroll, time and labor management, talent acquisition, talent management, and HR management to thousands of companies of all sizes throughout the United States and Internationally. The company also licenses payroll service software and offers private label partnership opportunities.

Driven by technology and innovation, Execupay is the largest privately-owned provider of payroll and human capital management software for payroll service companies in the United States. For additional information, call us at (210) 366-9511 or visit

About MyHRConcierge

MyHRConcierge focuses on forming strategic partnerships with networks of independent payroll providers who serve U.S. small-medium businesses (SMBs). They help partners tackle the top HR challenges their customers face – and build profitable revenue streams for their own businesses.

A unique a la carte approach, lets MyHRConcierge partners choose the services that work best for their customers, financial objectives and product strategy. MyHRConcierge offers services like COBRACompli to enable its partners to:

  • Add low cost HR services their SMBs value and build competitive service bundles
  • Offer a higher level of HR support their SMBs can grow into
  • Fend off competitors by offering benefits solutions their SMBs need

Contact Us

For more information about COBRACompli and Unemployment Claims Administration Services, contact Chris Cooley: (855) 538-6947 Ext. 108 or