State Law Updates – May 2018

As part of our effort to keep you abreast of changes in state laws, we have outlined below certain law changes that were noted in May 2018 that might be of interest. The list below is not a complete list of all state law changes. Therefore, we recommend you discuss any specific issues your company may be experiencing with your state labor department or a third party knowledgeable with your state’s employment laws.

State Effective Date Description Resources
Connecticut 1/1/2019 New law generally prohibits CT employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s wage and salary history unless it is voluntarily disclosed
New Jersey 10/29/2018 New state law will generally require NJ employers to provide earned paid sick leave to each employee in NJ
New Mexico

(Sante Fe)

3/1/2018 The minimum wage rate for the city of Sante Fe, NM has increased to $11.40 per hour
New York


4/1/2019 Sexual harassment training requirements
South Carolina 5/17/2018 Law prohibits employees with 15+ EE’s from discriminating against employees with medical needs arising from pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition
Vermont 7/1/2018 Prohibits VT employers from inquiring about or seeking an applicant’s salary history information — including information on his or her current or past wages, salary, bonuses, or benefits