Job Description Creation

Job Description Creation

Does a Job Description really matter? The answer is YES!

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Recruit Better Employees, Reduce Turnover, and Reduce Your Risk

Job descriptions are written statements that outline an employee’s duties, responsibilities, required qualifications, FLSA status and reporting hierarchy for a particular position. They are developed based upon job analysis and understanding of the skills required to accomplish the tasks of the each particular position.

Properly Developed Job Descriptions Can:

  1. Increase the quality of your new hires
  2. Reduce the company’s risk
  3. Justify overtime exemptions

How Job Descriptions are Used in the Hiring Process

Selecting the Best Candidates

Job descriptions should thoroughly outline the job’s duties and competencies:

  • The Job Duties assist the hiring manager in the interview process to ensure the applicant has the experience necessary to adequately perform the duties.
  • The Competencies outline the attributes that are needed to perform the position. Examples of competencies are promptness, detail oriented, etc. During the interview process, the hiring manager can assess if the employee has the needed competencies to properly perform the position.

Provide Support While Reducing Risk With Employees

Should an employee not live up to the duties outlined in the position, the job description provides the company support for disciplining or terminating the employee.

MyHRConcierge’s Job Description Writing Services

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Creation of Job Description includes the following:

  1. Consultation with client to understand the specifics of the position
  2. Creation of job description based upon the discussion in #1
  3. Review of the job description with the client
  4. Making final changes to the job description based upon client feedback