Low-Cost HR Bundles

Low-Cost HR Bundles

Add Low-Cost HR Services from MyHRConcierge that SMBs Value

MyHRConcierge Partners with Banks, Payroll Companies, Associations, Insurance Brokers, Accountants and Franchisors across the United States.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses contend with challenges that are specific to their classification. SMBs consistently cite HR paperwork and labor compliance as one of the greatest drains on their time and revenues. Another common area of difficulty for SMB owners is recruiting and retaining workforce talent.

The Manager’s HRHelp Line

The Manager’s HRHelp Line™ provides a direct line to an HR Consultant who will provide personalized suggestions to handle situations in a sensitive and legal manner.

The MyTeam Tip Line

The MyTeam Tip Line™ provides employees with an anonymous way to report harassment, theft, bullying, or any other issue that workers may be reluctant to report because of fear of retaliation.

Free Criminal Multi-State Database Searches

When ordered as an HR Bundle Service, free criminal multi-state database searches are offered as a service at a rate of 3 per month per EIN. With proper screening, employee turnover, theft and workplace accidents can be kept to a minimum.

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