Are You What Your Client Looks For In a Broker?

Last Updated on November 11, 2021

Support Your Client Relationships and Build Trust With More Resources

Insurance agencies provide many products with different levels of complexity that were designed for different groups of people and businesses and other organizations. 

However, the competition is stiff. Insurance agencies not only compete with each other, but they also compete with the government, risk retention groups, and self-insurance.

We know employers are looking for more from their agents. While employers continue to rely on insurance agents for expert insurance provider advice, they are now looking for more help. They must navigating the ever-changing workplace and shifting employee needs in order to create their own niche in their industry.

Give your clients more to promote their business success overall. 

The marketing programs you build should focus on each and every stage of your customer journey. However, you can give them more by becoming a reliable place to return for more resources and business assistance, in all areas of their business needs, easily in one place.

Your groups are different. They belong to various industries and they have a diverse number of employees. Hence, their needs are unique. Offering various resources just makes sense. Convenience wins, so don’t create a barrier between your client’s needs and you. Give them more by adding diversity and value to services that you already provide.

Ways to Increase Your Value & Profit

Client Care & Wellness for a Competitive Edge

When we say wellness, what we are really referring to, is caring for the success of their business on all levels, including protecting them from risk. This past two years has been an era of pandemic fear. All of your groups have likely experienced this on some level. Ensure that they know you can support them through times of change.

You can position yourself in a more empathetic way by providing real services that will increase trust and provide business protection for your client’s business as a whole. Most importantly, HR services as well as employee screening and hiring services can be a huge help to your clients and increase your client retention.

HR Support Resources During COVID-19 and Beyond

We are in a “reaction phase” of business, as we continue to journey through the COVID-19 business model. So much has changed with Federal and State regulations. By staying a step ahead and providing information, you are helping your clients to prevent financial and legal risk that could hurt their business.

Areas that will be relevant to your clients include:

  • ACA reporting assistance
  • Policy changes and handbook updates to support new policies including, PTO, and other state and federal regulations.
  • Prevention of litigation due to areas such as diversity and inclusion (DEI), ADA recommendations, workplace safety and training.
  • COBRA assistance
  • Hiring assistance and employee screening  options to reduce turnover and hire more securely

Focus on Providing Necessary Services to Increase Client Retention and Ongoing Revenue Streams

As a broker you can increase your revenue stream easily while creating retention from your clients by offering better HR solutions for your clients. 

With a company such as MyHRConcierge, we provide you with a a full spectrum of HR solutions specifically for brokers,  to increase client retention and build additional revenue.

We provide more than the traditional HR offerings. We can bring value and diversity to your service offerings so that your clients get more in one place and can move on to their successful business.

Our products will also keep clients around, as you provide the ease of ongoing support for all of your clients’ business needs in one place. Not only will your value increase, but your relationships will thrive.

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