Preparing For Open Enrollment In This Second Pandemic Year

Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by G. T. HR

Will Remote Workers Affect Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment will be here before you know it—and it’ll likely differ than those held in years past, especially for remote employees. Benefit offerings may be changing, and you may be enrolling virtually as a remote employee. As such, it’s essential to come prepared. To avoid last-minute headaches, familiarize yourself with the enrollment process to make informed benefits decisions.

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According to a MetLife survey, 48% of employees said that last year’s open enrollment was more important than previous years. The main driver of those responses was the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a good chance those feelings remain.

Open enrollment shapes your benefits for the upcoming year, so it’s crucial to be prepared. Consider the following tips:

  • Look at your current benefits. Now is the right time to discuss options and personal needs with all relevant individuals. To determine if you need more—or less—coverage, ask yourself these questions. Are you supporting more dependents? Have you developed any chronic health conditions? Has the pandemic changed your life in any way?
  • Thoroughly read the descriptions for this year’s offerings. Some benefits may have changed, so don’t assume your coverage remained the same without reading over everything first. Pay close attention to details and the fine print as well.
  • Seek digital materials or educational opportunities. Take advantage of employer resources, such as virtual enrollment fairs, webinars, benefits and enrollment websites, and digital benefits guides.
  • Understand virtual open enrollment technology. Some or all of your open enrollment process is likely digital, so get familiar with the required technology and speak up if you have any questions or password issues.

You won’t want to miss enrolling in the right benefits this year. If you have further questions about open enrollment, request an informational meeting with your HR representative.

For A 2022 Open Enrollment Checklist Click HERE.