Hiring Frenzy Post Pandemic

Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by G. T. HR

Don’t Let The Rush To Staff Up Affect The Quality Of Your Next Hire.

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the workplace and now we are seeing an influx in job needs and hiring. What will this look like for this next season of reopening? It is unsure. We know restaurants and other small businesses took a major hit in the pandemic with the limitations of the Covid-19 shelter in place orders. Eventually, businesses began to open, the options were reduced to limited services. This severely affected profits and everything from staff needs to inventory and services. Layoffs were imminent.

 As the vaccine becomes more prevalent and the pandemic numbers continue to decrease, many businesses are seeing the opposite issue, a need for staffing up quickly, creating a hiring frenzy of sorts.

With so many businesses hiring, the competition is fierce for good candidates. This begs the question: Is there a risk in hiring for businesses as they rush to fill spots too quickly?

 Hiring Quickly? You can still think about long term stability.

 Establish a solid system of interviewing and screening future employees so that you have a stable team for future growth. A good hire means employee retention, which can help save on both financial and people resources. In addition, you can mitigate hiring problems associated, with a bad hire such as theft, harassment, criminal activity, and more. Because a company’s most valuable asset is its people, securing the right people is the key for every company to be successful.

Don’t let the rush of hiring post-pandemic, sacrifice workplace success.
Things to consider when hiring in a hurry:

 Applicant Tracking Is A Must!

A key to a smooth process is using an Applicant Tracking System(ATS) such as myHIRE. Some of the benefits you will gain from a good ATS include:

  • Easy access to a wider group of job seekers
  • Efficient process that saves time and ensures compliance
  • User-friendly job creation and application process (schedule interviews, take notes and more)
  • Customizable onboarding capabilities (for desktop or mobile device)
  • Seeing available Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) during the process.
  • Efficient and clear benefit information and resources
  • Paperwork tracking and document archive

Screen Your Candidate Thoroughly.

With Such a Rush Do You Have Time for Screening Employees? The better question becomes, can you afford not to screen employees?

When things are moving so quickly, things can fall through the cracks. It is imperative that employee screening be accurate and turn over every leaf of possibility so that you know who you are hiring. A solid healthy candidate will reduce turnover (which means expenses and other resources) and provide a foundation for success for your business.

 • Reduce company risk
While a criminal record does not preclude an applicant from getting hired, it is important employers know what types of convictions someone has to ensure they are not endangering their employees and customers. It also can reduce the risk of theft and fraud by ensuring you are not hiring employees that will put you at risk.

 •Maintaining your standard.
Cutting corners on background screening will cost you in the long run. Turn-over and hiring someone without the credentials they represented will hurt your brand.

 • Save time with an applicant quick invite.
This will save you time and have your orders processed quickly. A company such as MyHRScreens will tailor the packages you need and by selecting the package and populating your candidate’s name and email address you can initiate a screening.

 •Social media screening should be done through a professional.
In today’s environment, it is important that employers do not hire employees that could damage their brand. Therefore, it is important to understand an employee’s Social Media footprint. However, screening performed through Google or a search on Social Media is not a compliant means to search. Doing it the right way with a process such as SocialSnap will create consistency across your hiring base, protecting you and your employees, and can mitigate costly litigation.