MyHRConcierge® Launches MyHIRE – a Smarter Way to Hire and Track Employees

Last Updated on January 15, 2020



January 15, 2020


Ridgeland, MS— January 15, 2020 —MyHRConcierge will start 2020 by launching a new product called MyHIRE. This service is a fully integrated, and user-friendly hiring and applicant tracking service (ATS) that is designed to make hiring easy for everyone. It is a fully integrated system that includes applicant tracking, onboarding and even benefits administration for you. MyHire will be offered as part of our HRCompli+ Admin service but we are also excited that MyHIRE will also be offered as a stand-alone service option.

MyHIRE allows a business to post to job boards easily, and is mobile phone friendly. By sending a text message to a number placed on a sign on the front door or on a social media post will allow the applicant to apply for open jobs through their mobile phone or device and accelerate the application. In a time when mobile phone usage reigns, this is a necessary step to meet the applicant where they are. In addition, as the employee is hired and onboarding begins, they will be able to utilize this mobile phone process to fill out onboarding paperwork, upload I-9 verification documents such as a driver’s license and social security card with ease. Simply taking a photo and uploading the document will keep the process moving. The process is tracked to allow both the applicant and the employer to see what areas are incomplete and then to get confirmation when the process has been completed.

MyHIRE is also excited to bring WOTC credit information to you in the visual dashboard. “These government provided tax credits are incentives to hire employees of certain demographics and because of the WOTC service and structure it will often lead to a savings that will offset a portion or all of the overall expense of the service,” according to Chris Cooley, principal of MyHRConcierge. “This year looks to be an exciting year for MyHRConcierge, as we continue to bring services to our partners and clients that will ease their pain points and help them focus on their business goals.”


As a service of MyHRConcierge, MyHIRE will provide excellent customer service and implementation assistance by our customer service team. “We believe in the human aspect of HR and still feel like speaking to a human is more efficient than working through an automated system,” says John Yerger, co-founder and principal of MyHRConcierge.


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