The 18th Annual IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference

Last Updated on March 14, 2019 by G. T. HR

We missed everyone at the IPPA Sales & Marketing Conference in Las Vegas! We tried like heck to get there. But, the “bomb cyclone” in the northeast cancelled flights across the country, including the ones we tried to hop for over 13 hours.

What We Heard About the Conference

The feedback MyHRC has received about the conference from IPPA and from our peers echoed our sentiments about what it takes to grow and succeed in the payroll and workforce management industry – working together with dedicated professionals who strive for steady, constant improvement and superior results.

“We always enjoy seeing our payroll community come together to learn from each other at the IPPA Conference,” said Hiroko Lujan of FBG Holdings.  “Payroll providers were really engaged with this year’s speakers. Representatives from our subsidiaries, Cachet Financial Services and Payroll Tax Management, commented on how much they enjoyed talking to like-minded payroll professionals.”

What Payroll Providers Want to Know About MyHRC

When we convene with the payroll providers at IPPA, one of the most frequently asked questions we hear is: “What’s the difference between MyHRConcierge and other HR companies?”

Our main differentiating factor is what one might call the “ONE-TWO punch.”

  1. Our Partners’ HCM, Payroll and Workforce Managements systems automate complex HR processes.
  2. With MyHRC services, Partners provide enhanced support to business owners and their front-line managers who are responsible for the “people side” of labor compliance.

MyHRC serves as a bridge between the HCM and the managers and employees who need answers to 2nd and 3rd level questions about how to handle specific human interactions in the workplace and stay compliant with municipal, state and federal labor laws.

Stop by and see us at the next show, and we’ll tell you more about it.