HRCompli E-Learn LMS Offers HR Compliance Training for Supervisors and Employees

Last Updated on February 1, 2019 by G. T. HR

HRCompli E-Learn is the new online Learning Management System (LMS) from MyHRConcierge that facilitates Human Resources and Safety training for employees and managers through professionally-produced videos with interactive quizzes for a quality learning experience.

Improve your employees’ understanding of company policies
and proper conduct at work with HRCompli E-Learn.

Human Resources and Safety training programs have become ubiquitous in all industries to assure business owners that they are compliant with state and federal laws and prevent legal risks. However, many states are beginning to require mandatory workforce management training with specific requirements to satisfy state laws.

HRCompli E-Learn Offers These Benefits:

  • Over 160 courses, including Sexual Harassment Prevention training that satisfies the training requirements of California State Laws AB 1825 and AB 20531 (CT, ME and NY courses also included)
  • Specific courses are designed for supervisors and employees, and selections include Successful Communication Tactics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, HIPPA, Cybersecurity, Workplace Safety, OSHA Compliance, Performance Reviews and many more
  • Select courses available in Spanish
  • Protects your business from risks and liabilities
  • Helps your employees excel at their jobs

An added benefit of the HRCompli E-Learn LMS is the improved quality of job satisfaction for employees and enhanced workplace culture. Policy Training and Workforce Management Training not only ensure that supervisors are acting in accordance with the law and the best interests of their company, but also improve employees’ understanding of company policies and proper conduct at work.

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