Webinars | Dec 15, 2018

WEBINAR: Answers to your Compliance Questions

WEBINAR: Answers to your Compliance Questions

On December 13, 2018, MyHRConcierge held a webinar with BenefitMall to provide practical answers to many of the most common Human Resource questions ensuring you’re compliant and ready for 2019. Topics will include:

  • What are my monetary risks for noncompliance?
  • Are my hiring practices compliant?
  • How can I enforce performance policies on troublesome employees?
  • Is my termination process compliant?
  • How can I assess my HR compliance?

To view the Webinar PLEASE CLICK HERE.

The HR and business professionals at MyHRConcierge are here to respond to your questions and concerns, and keep small to medium-sized businesses compliant with federal and state labor laws. Delivering personal service to our Partners and Clients is the heart and soul of our business.