FBG Holdings Blog Post: Our New Partner MyHRConcierge Takes HR Services to a Different Level

Last Updated on February 19, 2019 by G. T. HR

When Chris Cooley and John Yerger decided to combine their business and financial expertise and create an HR outsourcing company almost 10 years ago, they knew how much time and energy small and midsize businesses devoted to managing their human resources needs.

But they also knew that it wasn’t enough to offer specialized expertise in hiring, firing or workplace compliance.

Cooley had a deep financial background and had worked with a wide range of businesses as an accountant, and later as a fractional CFO.

John came from the operations side of things, with experience as an executive in both national and international companies as well as call center management.

HR Services from a Different Angle

It was experience that made them want to provide a different kind of HR service – one built around a genuine relationship with their clients and an approach to HR challenges that acknowledged the links between HR and other aspects of a business. Each client has a dedicated HR consultant they can call and speak with when they have questions or issues.