Webinar: Boost Revenues with More Engaged Employees

Last Updated on November 17, 2020 by G. T. HR

Learn How to Better Engage Your Workforce

Boosting employee engagement starts with a formal plan that links job requirements to the hiring and evaluation process. Companies that follow this approach enjoy 64% greater employee engagement vs other companies, according to the Aberdeen Group. In this webinar, Chris Cooley, Co-Founder of MyHRConcierge, will walk you through details you’ll need to create your own formal employee engagement plan. He will discuss: 

  • The Secret Sauce – Linking job descriptions, interview questionnaires and evaluations 
  • Job Descriptions – Defining essential duties and required qualifications 
  • Interview Questionnaires – Asking relevant questions and staying out of trouble 
  • Evaluations – Developing an ongoing performance evaluation program including routine coaching 

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