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Hosted by the CEO of MyHRConcierge, Chris Cooley, MyHRBuzz Podcast is a podcast about current HR topics and stories. Each episode, we break down the business of HR and employee issues while helping you avoid expensive risks.

Podcast: Never Overlook Social Media Screening

It is not unusual to peruse the social media of possible candidates, however, did you know there is an FCRA compliant way to do this? Performing social media screening correctly can mitigate adverse action legal troubles. The podcast below explains more on this trending topic.

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This 2020 HR Checklist Helps End The Year In Compliance

Out with 2020, in with the new year. In many ways, the final weeks of the year can be a little less demanding for most employees—a season of office parties, celebratory staff lunches, and vacation time. However, it’s one of the busiest periods for HR professionals. Before we can ring in 2021, we have to […]

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Podcast: What’s the Risk? To Screen Or Not To Screen Employees?

It’s always a question for employers. Do I spend the money to screen an employee, and what if I decided not to? There is a real risk! Our answer… It’s a big one.  Listen as Kim Lewis, with MyHRScreens™ weighs in on employee screening. The pros and the cons and stories to help you make […]

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Podcast: CA vs. TX Supreme Court Case — ACA in the future

  NEW! MyHRBuzz – The Podcast In this episode, we visit with Misty Baker, Director of Compliance and Governmental Affairs for BenefitMall. We will discuss the upcoming CA vs. TX Supreme Court case and how it could potentially affect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and healthcare going forward. Subscribe and look for more episodes soon! […]

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