Podcast: It’s Not Over… Long-Haul Covid-19 Symptoms May Affect The Workplace

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Listen to MyHRBuzz Podcast’s Episode on Long-Haul Covid in the Workplace

Introducing Long-Haul Covid. In this episode, learn how this has been affecting the workplace. Did you know employees that have lingering COVID symptoms after testing negative can be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Join Chris as he talks with John Yerger of MyHRConcierge about how employers can protect when employees have these lingering symptoms.

Read more about Long-Haul COVID-19.

Podcast Bookmarks 

1:27    What is long haul Covid?

3:20   Does long-haul covid fall under ADA? 

3:40   How does an employer handle this  if job performance is affected

3:46  Is this a case for Reasonable Accommodations?

6:50  How job descriptions can support the employer dealing with long-haul covid


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