2020 Labor Law Workplace Posters

State and Federal Workplace Labor Law Compliance Posters

If you are a small to mid-sized business in the United States, you are required to display state and federal labor law posters in your workplace. Meeting these requirements will help you maintain compliance with labor laws.

A sample of MyHRConcierge's California Labor Law Workplace Posters.

About Our Labor Law Posters

  • Available for workplaces of all sizes – single locations to large, multiple location corporations.
  • Available for all 50 states
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Designed to meet your location’s compliance requirements

Choose a Labor Law Poster Plan

1. Labor Law Poster PLUS Compliance Plan (Our Best Value)

To make it easy for our customers to keep their posters up to date, we offer the Labor Law Poster + Compliance Plan. By adding the Compliance Plan, if there are any mandatory revisions to State or Federal labor laws within 365 days of your order, you’ll be automatically shipped an updated poster at no extra charge. It’s a great value and the easiest way to stay compliant with changing labor laws.

You’ll Receive

  • A new Complete State & Federal Labor Law poster shipped to you immediately.
  • FREE Replacement posters shipped to you automatically for mandatory revisions to State or Federal Labor laws.
  • A 100% Unlimited Compliance Guarantee.
  • Your choice of English or Spanish.

Compliance Plan – $62.99  (+ s/h for initial poster)

S/H for Replacement Posters is FREE

2. Complete Labor Law Poster

You’ll Receive

  • One convenient, all-in-one, State and Federal Labor Law poster.
  • Updated laws to guarantee your compliance.
  • Your choice of English or Spanish.

Complete Labor Law Poster – $28.95 (+ s/h per location)

Order Labor Law Workplace Posters

If you have questions about our Labor Law Poster Compliance Plan, please contact MyHRConcierge, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

The HR and business professionals at MyHRConcierge are here to respond to your questions and concerns, and keep small to medium-sized businesses compliant with federal and state labor laws. Delivering personal service to our Partners and Clients is the heart and soul of our business.