Manager’s Help Line

Manager’s HRHelp Line™

Get answers for urgent HR questions with an affordable monthly subscription to Manager’s HRHelp Line™.

This dedicated phone line connects you to an expert employment management consultant to provide you with fast answers on HR compliance, employment law, and risk management issues.

Anonymous Employee Tip Line

MyTeam Tip Line™

This anonymous employee tip line is a monthly subscription service that offers your employees a way to speak up about human resources issues like harassment, bullying, and fraud without fear of reprisal. Based in the USA and available 24/7/365.

Unemployment Claims Administration

Save money on state unemployment insurance costs by contesting questionable claims with MyHRConcierge.

We help small to mid-sized businesses protect their profits with Unemployment Claims Administration and Contesting services.

We help SMBs keep their SUI Insurance costs down by helping contest unemployment insurance claims and serving as Hearing & Appeal representatives.