Our Difference

Our Difference

Why MyHRConcierge is the Smart Choice For Your Business

Without a labor compliance strategy, you’re at risk of expensive lawsuits, time-consuming government inquiries, and costly fines related to federal, state, and local labor laws.

Want to focus on growing your business instead of spending your time and resources juggling complex labor law details?

Small businesses that outsource Human Resources are 20% more likely to have a lower rate of cost per headcount as compared to sales income.

Businesses across the country rely on MyHRConcierge to deliver easy, affordable, and tested Human Resources services.

MyHRConcierge’s Client Services

Personal Service

MyHRConcierge acts as your personal concierge that you can call on to effectively maneuver unwieldy labor laws. We have a staff of professionals with a unique combination of Human Resources and business expertise. They understand business and how workforce management workforce management issues can potentially impact you and your bottom line.

We start by understanding your business needs and makeup of your workforce. We will then help you understand how to address federal and state laws without requiring you to muddle through legal mumbo jumbo you have to translate yourself. We are always just a call, email or chat away.

Knowledgeable Expert Resources

MyHRConcierge utilizes its experienced staff to help you reduce the risk of government audits and lawsuits associated with workforce management. We do this by providing a customized, flexible service. We also can team with your current management team, Human Resources department, payroll provider, attorney, and others in order to provide you the service that meets your needs.

Affordable, Fixed Pricing

MyHRConcierge has built its service to be affordable and save money. Per the Aberdeen Group (“HR Outsourcing in the SMB: A Story of Time and Value”), small businesses that outsource Human Resources are 20% more likely to have a lower rate of cost per headcount as compared to sales income. This affordability has helped us provide our clients significant savings. An example is a client with approximately 30 employees. We have been able to save them approximately $44,000 (68%) in comparison to them hiring an in-house resource. In addition to the savings, we have also been able to reduce their risk for non-compliance with state and federal laws that could cost the company thousands of dollars.

Solid & Secure Infrastructure

MyHRConcierge has built a strong and secure back office infrastructure that enables us to quickly and securely track, respond to, document and store information regarding employee situations, government inquiries, etc. Our resources and compliance tools allow us to stay abreast of state and federal laws so that we can develop best practices specifically for your company.

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