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Outsourcing HR in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is experiencing rapid expansion, presenting both opportunities and challenges for companies operating within the cannabis space and increasing the need for outsourcing human resources (HR). As cannabis businesses expand, managing human resources becomes increasingly complex. In this article, we will explore how outsourcing HR functions can provide scalable solutions for cannabis companies, […]

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Employer Guidance While Navigating State-Specific Cannabis Laws

The rapid shift in cannabis laws across states has prompted significant changes in the workplace, as employers struggle to adapt to this evolving landscape. From an employment perspective, Cannabis laws create substantial challenges in developing drug policies and hiring employees. This is especially true with the increase in remote workers and companies operating in multiple […]

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What to Know About Employee Screening in the Cannabis Industry

By MyHRScreens Employee screening is particularly important in the cannabis industry for several reasons. This industry is unique due to its historical context, regulatory environment, and the nature of the product being sold. Ensuring that employees are properly screened helps to maintain compliance, safety, and professionalism. Key reasons for employee screening in the cannabis industry […]

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